#3DI goes Micro for Nitromites

Goodwin commissioned 3DI studio to create the key packaging art to launch Zag Toys “Nitromites” line of toys;

Two boxed playsets “Rockin’ Rebound Stunt Set” & “Two Intense Track Set” & Two boxed bike products “Series 1- Hammer Down” & “Marvel Series 1- Heroes & Villains”

Problem?: How to create packaging without actual toy products to work from? Nitromites was a new product to launch, and the product was still in production development at the onset of the packaging assignment.

Solution: Working from CAD data, 3DI developed grayscale renderings of product, with bikes in action, playset features, etc, & dropped into a rough composited image of the environment for feedback and approval.  After approval of the grayscale renders 3DI created positional low-resolution F/C version for feedback. Lastly, they created layered full-color high resolution images for the final packaging executions.

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