Artist Spotlight: JP Donnot

American Artists Representatives artist Jean-Pascal Donnot is a freelance illustrator, storyboarder and animator located in Paris, France. Below are several flawlessly designed cgi work Donnot has created for companies such as:  Le Val, Fanta, Daim, Malibu, Milka, Nescafe, Volvic and more. As always, please feel free to comment or email with any questions:

Thank you!

 arbre-verres, wine tree, wine bottle, colorful glasses balloons, cgi, city, created, fake city boulanger, football with headphones, cgi, silver, jp donnot fanta, cgi animation, yellow, character, blonde, dancing eskimo, ice cream, ice cream bar, melting, red green, edf, lines, red floor darty, crossbow, blue, yellow cuisines, chancez, typography, colorful, word art fille-bulles, figure, outlines, white, red white maze runner, purple cgi character, running toward finish  JIVARO-final-mystique, green, scenery , waterfall, red and green cookies, chocolate, purple background watch, coming together

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