Boundless Creativity: Big Al Gruswitz

AA Reps artist studio Boundless Creativity has been specializing in photo-realistic 3D and 2D illustration, medical illustration, and difficult retouching for 23 years. Clients often use their in-house people to do retouching, but Big Al of Boundless Creativity is the one you call for the “impossible job.”

In Boundless Creativity’s website blog 3D illustration is explained as ‘virtual photography.’ Photo shoots require decision making about lighting, lenses, time of day, weather, wardrobe and special effects. All of these decisions are made before the final process of shooting the photos even begins. Boundless Creativity makes all of these choices virtually via 3D illustration, and with cost-effective pricing. 3D illustration also allows for manipulating of settings and intricate image details, so you never have to wait for an inopportune sunset again. Big Al also notes that 3D people can be created, or real people can be photographed in-studio to insert into a 3D scene.

The first following three images were chosen among 4,800 entries by Lürzer’s Int’l Archive for the 2013 “200 Best Digital Artists’ Annual. Big Al Gruswitz has also produced 33 3D dinosaur illustrations for the Discovery Channel’s “My First Dinosaur Encyclopedia.”

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Please scroll below to view some incredibly done difficult retouch work Big Al has completed:

American pie before and after

belly flop before and after

pharmacist before after al gruswitz


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