Cartoons and Illustration by Jim Steck

07/18/2016- Cartoons are a special type of illustrations.  When thinking about cartoons, many of us think of classics such as Bugs Bunny or Looney Tunes.

Unlike the popular cartoon television shows, Jim Steck specializes in still art.  His illustrations capture a moment in time for a cartoon character.

cartoon basketball player at a picnic

Illustration of Scottie Pippen overweight after a large picnic

Whether it be a basketball game, a mad scientist, or a pizza guy, he captures a specific moment that brings their story to life.

His unique style is seen in his use of geometry, and taking simple shapes and distorting them to add his own flare.

Magician with bunny

Magician with bunny


Steck’s cartoons are so popular because of the fact that they can be appreciated by all ages.

Below are some more examples of his work, along with a link to his entire portfolio: Jim Steck’s Portfolio


pizza man cartoon with mustache

Retro cartoon of a pizza man

Music tiger

Musical tiger in a top hat

Major Poopy pants, army cartoon

Major poopy pants cartoon, part of the Army Babies

Halloween hoodlum cartoon

Halloween hoodlum brewing a nasty concoction

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