2Animators launch Season 2 of EMO Dad for Fine Brothers

08/03/2016- It’s finally here! Season 2 of “Emo Dad” aired on Tuesday, July 12th on the Fine Brothers YouTube channel and on the Fullscreen!  To date, 2Animators has animated 11 episodes of this entertaining series, so be sure to check them all out.

The sketch starts with a father vloging about his struggles and disappointments in life.  He talks about all the things that bring him down, which are the reasons he’s turned to the Emo lifestyle.  His son, who is actually Emo, walks in on his father using his camera to vlog about his “Emo life”.  The son is angry because of what he believes to be his dads fake claims and wishes he would stop.

Without giving up the act, the father neglects his fatherly duties to emphasize the father going deeper into the world of Emo.  The two start to change personality roles due to the fathers lack of fathering.

As the sketch goes on, the son catches his father conversing with one of his friends as he gets back from work.  The father and friend make fun of the son for his golf attire, and call him out for being a faker.

The series is an entertaining twist on the Emo lifestyle, through the medium of animation.  The Fine Brothers writing along with 2Animators animation makes for a truly unique and fun series.

Check below to see Episode 1 of Season 2 of “Emo Dad”!


Click to see the entire Emo Dad series on either the Fine Brothers or 2Animators YouTube pages.


Science & Medicine in Motion

By, Bill Graham

07/22/2016- Science & Medicine are two of the most essential studies in the world.  The problem is, many people don’t understand or have enough interest in the fields.

It can be hard to learn the ins and outs of certain scientific aspects, or medical procedures.  That is why Bill Graham creates 2D and CGI animation videos of science & medicine subjects.  In doing so, Graham attempts to bring the less interested into the realm of science through motion.

Motion videos are much more interactive, and can apply both visuals and audio to the learning process.

In a new collection of videos, Graham highlights a few scientific and medical ideas in an easy to learn way.

To point out some of the highlights of this collection, here’s a list with links provided: The Living Chromosome, Self Applicator for Insulin, and Rheumatoid Arthritis to name a few.

All of Graham’s videos can be seen on our website here: AAReps.com/BillGraham

Below are a few thumbnails from some of the videos.

Contact us at: info@aareps.com for more info or with any questions.


Science & Medicine, Animation, Motion, Video, PKU, PHE and Tyrosine v11

PKU: The Importance of PHE & Tyrosine v11

Science & Medicine, Self Administering Insulin Device, Insulin, Insulin Device, Animation, Motion, Video

Self Administering Insulin Device

Science & Medicine, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Motion, Video, Animation

Rheumatoid Arthritis

CGI by Boundless Creativity

Featured Artist of the Day

Creativity is essential when it comes to CGI.  CGI is all about using computer graphics to create artistic images.  The challenge for CGI artists is to do their best to bring their artwork to life.

The creative company being highlighted today is Boundless Creativity.

They can create just about anything you could desire: Prehistoric dinosaurs, the human anatomy, scientific diagrams, beautiful landscapes, and so much more.

To showcase their work, we will be posting various images across all of our social media pages. Find all of our social media pages here: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Here’s a look at some of the work they’ve done.


Dinosaur and Humans First Contact

Dinosaur and Humans First Contact


The Anatomy of a Human Knee


Mountain dog in the Cold Outdoors


To see the entire library for Boundless Creativity, click on the link, and see all the amazing work.

Feel free to contact us here with any questions, or comments.

CGI by Marcel Laverdet

Featured Artist: June 27th

The CGI creations by today’s featured artist speak for themselves.  For Marcel Laverdet, art is more than a canvas and paint. Rather than traditional styles, Laverdet has made his mark with a beautiful artistic mind that comes to life when he gets behind his computer.

His animations bring to life an array of art: Colorful landscapes, children’s stories, international landmarks, and abstract pieces that challenge the mind of the viewers.

CGI, animation, conceptual

Floating hexagons with puzzled faces.
Courtesy of, Marcel Laverdet


Today, some of Marcel’s best creations will be displayed on our Twitter and Instagram pages.

Additionally, if you’d like to see more from Laverdet, you can check out his entire portfolio here: AAReps

Laverdet continues to inspire us with his CGI creations, and we hope it does the same for you.


To contact us with any questions or request, click on the link.

Earth Day


American Artists Representatives would like to increase global awareness on this particular occasion, Earth Day. Nasa.gov’s analysis of “Climate Change:  Vital Signs of the Planet:  Evidence” proves that in 1950 the highest carbon dioxide level ever recorded was between 300 and 320 ppm. As of right now, there is a recorded 400 ppm in the atmosphere. These numbers are significantly high and we are ruining the natural state of our planet. Scientists agree that global warming and consequent climate change can be largely credited to human activity alone. The top endangered species include polar bears, frogs, penguins. With a constant rise in temperature their habitats are being altered and decreasing their chance of survival. As temperatures rise, ice melts and sea levels rise. This will not only affect the animals who cannot adapt to their habitat but it will affect many people (especially those who live on coastal borders.) We need to play our part in leading environmentally sound lives. Artists such as Mardo El-Noor, Jerry LoFaro, Frank Neidhardt and Alan Male have created images via photography, typography, cgi, and photo-imaging that we hope resonate with our viewers to live more eco-friendly. Thank you for looking!

frank neidhardt did photo-imaging of a frog before his climate changed and after he was saved. great emphasis for earth day mardo el-noor created typographical imagery to represent the importance of maintaining a clean and sustainable earth the core of science and earth on earth day illustration by american artists representative jerry lofaro photograph of a frog on earth day by photographer

JL-Polar Bear.jpg

New Work by Eastern Affair

 AA Reps artist studio Eastern Affair creates excellent work using CGI illustration, photography, creative retouching & crafts. The following logos/illustrations are new images by Eastern Affair.

CGI Photography, deadpool, police, babies, hemingway, shakespeare, Lakers, Mad Men, jeans

c - cocacola.jpg

D - Deadpool.jpg

E - Elvis.jpg

F - Fur.jpg

g - golf.jpg

h - huston.jpg

i - ice cube.jpg

j - jeans.jpg

k - kobe.jpg

L - Lego.jpg

m - mad men.jpg

mint vinetu - hemingway.jpg

mint vinetu - shakespeare.jpg

mint vinetu - twain.jpg

N - Neon.jpg

O - Officer.jpg

TRG Reality: New Images

The following images are CGI photos done by AA Reps artists:  TRG Reality Studio. TRG created this flawless work for leading companies such as: Goodyear, Nike, KitchenAid, Hunter, Rolodex and Hoover. If you have any questions please note them in the comment section. Thank you and enjoy!





KitchenAid_Mixer Color Consistency Program.jpg







Wilson Football_Profile Lay Down.jpg

John Hom for Hasbro US Launch of YoKai Watch Toys

AAReps artist John Hom worked closely with Hasbro US‘s packaging team to create a series of character renderings for US Yo-Kai launch! The US release of Yo-Kai Watch has been much anticipated after its success in Japan. (They have three different versions there!) Hom worked from 3D CAD models to create 2d renderings that  bring the characters to life.

illustration licensed character figurines-Jibanyan-YoKai Medal M

illustration licensed character figurines-Baddinyan-YoKai Medal, HASBRO, Yo-Kai

illustration licensed character figurines-Blazion-YoKai Medal Mo

Yo-Kai Characters Photographed Above:

Jibanyan, Baddinayan & Blazion

How Yo-kai Watch works: 1) Purchase your watch. (They often come with two medals)

2) Insert your favorite character medal of choice into the watch.

3) Enjoy the world of Yo-Kai through sounds, music and phrases all playing through your watch!

More about Yo-Kai Watch:

Yo-Kai Watch is trademarked in Japan as a series of role-playing video games developed and published by Level-5The original game was released for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on July 11, 2013 and was released in North America by Nintendo on November 6, 2015

Now, Monday nights at 5:00 p.m. the YO-KAI WATCH YouTube channel will feature new episodes based on a concept by LEVEL-5, Inc., hit comedy adventure series.

Click here for access to the YouTube channel.

The program episodes will be aired first on Disney VOD services, cable, and satellite providers and one month prior to the YouTube airings. However, the YouTube channel will provide fans with the opportunity to receive special bonuses, prizes and promotions that they would not be able to access otherwise.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day feat. Artist Shawn McKelvey

Happy St. Patricks Day to all! Check out this Fighting Irish leprechaun cartoon rendering done by #AAReps artist Shawn McKelvey!Shawn McKelvey does cartoon rendering of Notre Dame fighting irish


Voila…. Cool Barnyard Animal Characters by Andrew Painter for Wall-ah!

Andrew Painter created these cool barnyard animated characters for Wall-ah.  http://wall-ah.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=barnyard  http://wall-ah.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=barnyard  Turn any room into an adorable farm with this set of extra large decals from the Wall-Ah! Pick Your Neighbor series! These cute barnyard critters can't wait to be your new neighbors! Want to convert the whole room? Additional farm animal decals are available to transform any room into a friendly farm with "Barnyard Extras". Wall, Decal, Art, Sticker, Design, Mural, Decor, Room, Home, Decorate,"

Wall-ah Barnyard Character Wall Hangings in Room

vector-illustration-animal-characters--ewe-male-sheep-dog-duck-and-mouse-in-hay-loft vector-illustration-animal-characters-cow-cat-calf-sheep-and-sleeping-dog-in-cow-shed-barn-doors vector-illustration-animal-characters-happy-mice-smiling-in-mouse-hole1

Andrew Painter- Vector Animals- Angry Wolf

Andrew Painter- Vector Animal- Racoon

Andrew Painter created these cool barnyard animated characters for Wall-ah.

Check more out here!

Don’t forget to click me, too!

Turn any room into an adorable farm with this set of extra large decals from the Wall-Ah! Pick Your Neighbor series! These cute barnyard critters can’t wait to be your new neighbors! Want to convert the whole room? Additional farm animal decals are available to transform any room into a friendly farm with “Barnyard Extras”.

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