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a Portable VR Solution for iOS & Android

Portable VR with iOS & Android

Portable VR for iOS and Android Applications

Looking to create a Virtual Reality (VR) that can be easily transported to a consumer or trade show event? Are your direct field sales reps looking for a new tool to raise the bar for their sales presentations?

Our VR-PIE (Virtual Reality Portable Immersive Experiences) is the perfect solution for you. VR is not just a technology for the entertainment world. Virtual reality systems are already having a much wider impact across multiple industries in particular, medical, educational, training, science, health and safety.

Would you like to simulate an automotive driving experience? Perhaps you would like to create a pharmaceutical MOD (mechanism of disease) that simulates the symptoms (loss of vision, hearing, etc.) of an MS sufferer? Whatever the VR visual experience you are looking to achieve the VR team at Studio Liddell has successfully implemented multiple wireless VR-PIE for clients in the US and Europe. Using the latest smart iOS and Android phone technologies, we can deliver a fully portable high quality immersive VR experience anywhere- without bulky wires or a powerful desktop computer. Want to see more? Contact us for a demonstration.

Dr. Christian’s Guide to Growing Up!

British TV personality and registered doctor, Christian Jessen, will be releasing a new book this May. Dr. Christian’s Guide to Growing Up will feature a no-nonsense “bible” for adolescents and teenagers looking to better understand puberty, sex, and healthy eating. Dr. Jessen grew up in London and earned his degree from University College London. He holds a MSc in sexual health, and studied HIV and malaria for two years in Kenya and Uganda. David Semple was commissioned to create the cover and artwork for the book. digitalized Jessen into a fun cartoon character and mixes that up with real photographs of Jessen throughout the book. Dr. Christian’s Guide to Growing Up comes out on May 2.


“Synapta Injects Your Brand into the Mobile Space”

Synapta is the answer to building long lasting relationships with customers through your mobile phone. It lets you use a 2 way SMS, mobile web, apps and social media to socially interact and create a more valuable and personal relationship with your customers.  To view the full size Gif running live go to or Check it out!

Artistic Image Making the Saints Legends

To support this Fall’s “Meet the Coolest Saints Legends” promotion, the Integer Group looked to Artistic Image to add their specialized CGI Photo-Imaging talents.  Beginning with just three photos of New Orleans Saints “Legends”; Rickey Jackson, Bobby Hebert & Deuce Mcallister, Artistic Image built an entire CGI background of New Orleans landmarks, and for the final attention grabber an exploded CGI “Saints Legends” Movie Marquee Logo.

Semple Created Look for Similac Prenatal Website

Wunderman tapped David Semple to create these playful vector renderings to launch the Similac Prenatal website. Semple created three landing page icons (Preconception, Preganancy, & Postnatal), as well as icons to represent various dietary & lifestyle recommendations for each phase.

See more of David Semple’s work here.










Jon Rogers just completed this artwork for Miller Sports Group, the company responsible for Tennis Magazine and  Play tennis yourself? Check out to stay on top of your game, stay updated on match coverage, and find reviews on sports gear.

V.K. Nagrani’s New Website

One of our recent clients was V.K. Nagrani, a luxury men’s hosiery and underwear manufacturer. Unlike many luxury brands with super modern illustration on their websites, V.K. Nagrani wanted several illustrations to give their website and online store a retro 1940’s/1950’s look. Our artist, Bill Garland, did the illustrations featured on all the pages of the website, which can be found here. It is a nice departure from many other high-end clothing stores advertising campaigns. What do you think?

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