Photo-Imaging at Comic Con for SYFY’s “Incorporated”

Mike Bryan put his Photo-Imaging skills to work at Comic Con for a series images to promote the new Syfy Channel show “Incorporated”.  The work included a huge graphic on the Hard Rock Hotel that included a video, and oversized promotional  interior panels for “Welcome to the Quiet Room” in the Comic Con restaurant, which offered 360º immersion and spatial audio.

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SYFY channel Incorporated Building Wrap on Hard Rock San Diego for Comicon 2016

SYFY Incorporated Welcome to the Quiet Room Cityscape Panels02

Photo-Imaging for SYFY Incorporated Welcome to the Quiet Room Cityscape Panels03

SYFY Incorporated Welcome to the Quiet Room Cityscape Panels03

Curt Walstead Animal Characters

Curt Walstead developed a series of lovely animated animal characters for Balcony 7 Media and Publishing for their Salty Splashes series of books.  He brought a lot of energy to all the characters that appear in the books.  To see more of his work please visit Curt Walstead’s site.


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Mike Bryan’s Photo-Imaging Cover Art for David Gibbin’s “Pharaoh”

Digital Artist Mike Bryan made the book cover for David Gibbin’s new book, Pharaoh. Gibbins, who is a marine archaeologist by day and a bestselling novelist by night is a major history buff and loves to incorporate his line of work into the novels he writes. His new book, Pharaoh, leaves it up to a marine archaeologist (sound familiar?) to solve the history behind a strange series of suicides by a pharaoh and his army.

The Tortoise and the Hare


Mike Jaroszko depicts the classic Tortoise and Hare story  to highlight conservative investment strategy. The artwork was done as oil paintings, merging the classical way of painting with the high-tech look of the website. For more information use the following links for Mike Jaroszko

Mike Bryan’s Total Recall for Columbia Pictures

Mike Bryan created a series of images for the Columbia Picture’s Total Recall remake in 1990, starring Colin Farrel, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale.

Mike Bryan “Iced” for author Karen Marie Moning

Mike Bryan applied his photo-imaging magic to create a post-apocalyptic Dublin in the distant future, partially destroyed and covered by a blanket of ice that is the background for the novel “Iced” written by Karen Marie Moning. It depicts the troubles of Dami “Mega” O’Malley fighting powerful beings in order to save the city of Dublin in this futuristic novel.

Jerry LoFaro Celestial Seasonings

Jerry LoFaro continues his series of sleepy time bear renditions.  In this case LoFaro harvests peach sleepy time flavor for Celestial Seasonings. Between his use of 2d character, character rendering and animated animals, we show his artwork turned to advertisement.


Randazzo illustrates Entertainment System for exceptional sound

Here is a black and white illustration done by Tony Randazzo. This sketch depicts an upscale Home Entertainment Center using the latest technology available from UK company Cornflake. The Infographic/technical design of the drawing showcases the best way your music, movies, and TV shows can give you a “spine-tingling sound” and “jaw-dropping pictures”.

Terence Gaylor “Fairest of Them All™” Animations

What if you had your very own Guardian Angel on your side to help you win?

Using Cinema 4D software, Terence Gaylor created this fun take on Snow White for Ash Gaming®.

That’s the premise of ‘Fairest of Them All’, a magical 3D slot game based on one of the most well loved fairy tales of all time.

Snow White isn’t just there to look pretty; she helps out at random points throughout the game by triggering a variety of exciting ‘Forest Friend’ reel modifiers to boost the player’s wins.

You can see more of Terry’s character work at:

The Big Switch

This is another book by Harry Turtledove that Mike Bryan designed the cover for. This book is about an alternate version of history and how things would have been if these events took place .

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