Mike Bryan created this amazing book cover for Coup D’ETAT a story about an alternate version of history such as world war one and two. The author Harry Turtledove  shows the possibilities of  what could have happened in history with his books and makes it come alive.

Rugby for Breakfast


Frank Neidhardt created this digital photo-illustration & cgi image for  the Wake-up with “l’Equipe”  ad campaign for the famous french sport newspaper. All had great fun doing this, Rugbyman was shot with high-speed flashes in action jumping on a huge mattress He did  this about 30 or 40 times, still smiling after every jump.
Agency: RAPP France

illustrations of children’s diseases

Craig Zuckerman was commissioned to do a series of  illustrations depicting various types of children’s diseases for Nemours, a children’s health system. These  two images depict cases of chicken pox and urinary track infection.

Is It Christmas time already? Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving?  Mike Bryan did a promotional poster billboard for the newest Christmas movie coming out on Thanksgiving day


Tony Randazzo was commissioned to do two paintings for a safety poster, “circumstances can change in a split second”, depicting a delivery truck backing up to a parking space when suddenly a women pushing a carriage with twins is coming off the curb, right into it’s path, realizing in horror that the truck driver has not seen her. The poster art was done for The Marlin company.



Three panel photo-imaging executions for Immortals

Mike Bryan did three concept art images for the film promotion launch of the new movie Immortals

John Hom wins Gold for Mattel’s "Garage to Go"

John Hom wins Gold Award (1st Place) in PlayIllustration 2011 International Art Competition in the category of Best ILLUSTRATION for a Toy, Game or Children’s product for his “Garage-to-Go” toy set rendering for Mattel’s Hot Wheels toy line.

Spring Breeding- Bambi & Friends Surrounding Pin-up Photography

The right of Spring/Spring Breeding, since the beginning of times. Bob Wakelin was commissioned by FHM Magazine to bring it to life in a fun way.

Fire Prevention Week Promotion

Fire Prevention Week is celebrated every October and educates children on the dangers of fire and what to do in the event of a fire.  Positive Promotions produces and sells products relating to fire prevention, including books and stationery.  This year, artist Garth Glazier has created an illustration (shown above) which will be featured in a Positive Promotions catalogue.

Brock University Ad Campaign










Brock University has recently launched its “Both Sides of the Brain” marketing campaign, which emphasizes their dedication to helping students develop both sides of their brain, personally and academically, to become more well-rounded individuals.  Many of our artists were involved in creating these ads, which were displayed around the campus (located in Ontario, Canada), in the city as local bus shelter ads, and in various magazines.  The two pieces above were done by Marcel Laverdet.  To see more of the “Both Sides of the Brain” ads, check out Brock University’s website here.

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