Key Art for Abzu Game

Photo-imaging by Mike Bryan for the key Art of the recently released Abzu Game.

Abzu Game, Abzu, Mike Bryan, Matt Nava, Giant Squid studio

Key art underwater scene of diver for Abzu Extended game

Abzu is Matt Nava’s follow up to his landmark artsy video games “Flower” and “Journey”.  Having mastered land, there was no other choice than for Nava to dive underwater.

After the success of the 2012 indie hit “Journey”, which swept that year’s Game Developers Choice Awards and whose score was nominated for a Grammy; Nava formed his own studio to create an ethereal undersea odyssey called “Abzu”.  In a sea of role-playing games and first-person shooters, moody experimental games like “Abzu” remain an anomaly and are especially difficult to design.  “Abu”, which has been released for PlayStation 4 and PC, casts players as a nameless diver exploring an immense three-dimensional seascape teeming with marine life and fantastical topography.

There’s no dialogue or weapons. As with “Flower” and “Journey,” the game’s story unfolds through exploration. “There’s a fine line between telling a story solely through the atmosphere and players just not having any idea where to go,” Nava said. “There are hundreds of directions you could travel in the ocean, so figuring out how to direct the player and design the environments so people had the right amount of direction – but not too much – was very important.” The 10-person team at Nava’s Giant Squid studio found that one of the biggest challenges in creating a game that’s entirely set within the ocean was directing light and forming terrain that undauntedly guides players.

Be sure to check out the new game and let us know what you think!

See more details of the game and how to purchase it here: Abzu Game


Halo Wars 2 Teaser Poster for Beta Launch

Here’s a sneak peak at what was unveiled at Comic Con last month for Halo Wars 2.

Mike Bryan, once again nails the image for the next game in the Halo Wars saga. Halo Wars 2 is an upcoming video game developed by 343 Industries and Creative Assembly, and published by Microsoft Studios.  It is scheduled to be released on February 21st, 2017, for Microsoft Windows and the Xbox One video game console.


Halo Wars 2, Halo, Video game, Xbox One, Halo, Mike Bryan

Halo Wars 2 Teaser Poster for Beta Launch


The game is the sequel to the 2009 video game Halo Wars, and is set in a sci-fi universe of the Halo series.

The human crew abroad the UNSC warship game & also returns the Spirit of Fire and introduces a new alien faction know as “the banished”.

Development of Halo Wars 2 began in 2014, and the game was announced at Gamescom in 2015.

Click here to see everything you need to know about the new game:



Photo-Imaging at Comic Con for SYFY’s “Incorporated”

Mike Bryan put his Photo-Imaging skills to work at Comic Con for a series images to promote the new Syfy Channel show “Incorporated”.  The work included a huge graphic on the Hard Rock Hotel that included a video, and oversized promotional  interior panels for “Welcome to the Quiet Room” in the Comic Con restaurant, which offered 360º immersion and spatial audio.

Comic Con, Photo-imaging, SYFY channel, Hard Rock, Hard Rock San Diego

SYFY channel Incorporated Building Wrap on Hard Rock San Diego for Comicon 2016

SYFY Incorporated Welcome to the Quiet Room Cityscape Panels02

Photo-Imaging for SYFY Incorporated Welcome to the Quiet Room Cityscape Panels03

SYFY Incorporated Welcome to the Quiet Room Cityscape Panels03

Art for Everyone, from Frank Neidhardt

No matter what medium of art it is, it’s hard to find artwork that everyone will like.

Whether it is because someone doesn’t understand, or they don’t like the content, art is personal to everyone.  The beauty of Frank Neidhardt, is that he’s not confound to these parameters.  For this reason, his artwork is beloved by so many.

Ireland country landscape

Sunset on the Irish country side ©Frank Neidhardt


Guard surprised when coming face to face with an alien

Frank Neidhardt is an expert in photo-imaging, and creating art that everyone will enjoy.

His success comes from the fact that he doesn’t focus on one type of artwork.  Anything from sports to animals in nature, landscapes and portraits are up for grabs with Neidhardt.

Morning coffee and rugby

Rugby in the morning ©Frank Neidhardt

Harry Potter, golden snitch

Harry Potter emitting light from the golden snitch ©Frank Neidhardt


Regardless of if you’re an art aficionado or novice, you’re bound to find something you like from Frank Neidhart.

In the event that you’d like to see more of Neidhart’s work, click on the link here: Frank Neidhart’s Portfolio

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Earth Day


American Artists Representatives would like to increase global awareness on this particular occasion, Earth Day.’s analysis of “Climate Change:  Vital Signs of the Planet:  Evidence” proves that in 1950 the highest carbon dioxide level ever recorded was between 300 and 320 ppm. As of right now, there is a recorded 400 ppm in the atmosphere. These numbers are significantly high and we are ruining the natural state of our planet. Scientists agree that global warming and consequent climate change can be largely credited to human activity alone. The top endangered species include polar bears, frogs, penguins. With a constant rise in temperature their habitats are being altered and decreasing their chance of survival. As temperatures rise, ice melts and sea levels rise. This will not only affect the animals who cannot adapt to their habitat but it will affect many people (especially those who live on coastal borders.) We need to play our part in leading environmentally sound lives. Artists such as Mardo El-Noor, Jerry LoFaro, Frank Neidhardt and Alan Male have created images via photography, typography, cgi, and photo-imaging that we hope resonate with our viewers to live more eco-friendly. Thank you for looking!

frank neidhardt did photo-imaging of a frog before his climate changed and after he was saved. great emphasis for earth day mardo el-noor created typographical imagery to represent the importance of maintaining a clean and sustainable earth the core of science and earth on earth day illustration by american artists representative jerry lofaro photograph of a frog on earth day by photographer

JL-Polar Bear.jpg

Studio Liddell Creates Packaging for Sure Jell

Sure Jell is a fruit pectin product that’s used for making jellies or jams at home. Who better than AA Reps artist studio, Studio Liddell to create beautiful fruit and jam images for Sure Jell packaging? Nobody! Studio Liddell does animation, photo-imaging, CGI, interactive art and more.

Images one through three are Studio Liddell created images that Sure Jell used for their product.

Images four through eight are additional seamless fruit images created by Studio Liddell.

Thank you for looking, as always let us know if you have any questions.

Happy Friday from AA Reps!



Certo-Fruit_Pectin_Liquid_FINAL_no type.jpg

Studio Liddell Sure Jell Product Web.jpeg

Sure-Jell-Fruit_Pectin_Original_FINAL_no text.jpg





Peach full

Friday’s Spotlight is on Anxo Amarelle

1000x500 LAVANDER .jpg

1000x500 coco.jpg





Anxo Amarelle is a graphic designer and art director based in Barcelona. He has done work for (but not limited to):  Nike, Nissan, Converse, Mango, Diesel, and Budweiser. Pictured above are some of Amarelle’s most recent designs.


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Happy Friday!

Today’s Featured Artist: Jerry LoFaro

Friskies Combined

The Friskies Create & Taste Kitchen games feature incredible work done by Jerry. To play or take a better look visit:

©Jerry LoFaro

jerry lofaro animals and nature-cow with heart markings in field jerry lofaro animals and nature-aflac duck

©Jerry LoFaro

©Jerry LoFaro

©Jerry LoFaro Illustration

2d animated dummy renderings by Jerry LoFaro

jerry lofaro landscapes-JL_Mahalo island beach at sunsetProd Chocolate Caramel.jpg
The above illustrations are by artist Jerry LoFaro. Jerry has been creating award winning art for over 25 years. Jerry’s promotional illustrations have been used by companies such as Purina, Claritin, Cottonelle (yes, with the adorable puppy), Reed’s Energy Elixir, Crystal Dairy, Henniker Brewing Co.; he has also provided beautiful work for Celestial Seasonings completing over 50 product designs.

Raffael Dickreuter Humanizes Iron Man


11_Iron_Man_Grounded_sue_chicago_dinosaur_jurassic_world_raffael_dickreuter 17_iron_man_grounded_making_of2 18_Iron_Man_grounded_making_Of
14_Iron_Man_Grounded_miami_beach_raffael_dickreuter 4_Iron_Man_grounded_lamborghini_raffael_dickreuter 1_iron_man_grounded_the_thinker
15_Iron_Man_Grounded_los_angeles-helicopter_iphone_raffael_dickreuter 3_Iron_Man_Grounded_variety_raffael_dickreuter 5_Iron_Man_Grounded_office_book_a_vacation_raffael_dickreuter
6_Iron_Man_Grounded_las_vegas_selfie_iphone_raffael_dickreuter 7_Iron_Man_Grounded_flies_economy_class_raffael_dickreuter 9_Iron_man_grounded_rides_new_york_subway_raffael_dickreuter

Photographer Raffael Dickreuter is based in Los Angeles, CA. His professional background is diverse in film visual effects, design, advertising and photography. While attending the Golden Globe awards a couple of months back, Raffael Dickreuter was fortunate enough to get a word in with Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel’s Tony Stark are very similar characters; when Dickreuter felt that Robert Downey Jr. was essentially untouchable to mere mortals, he decided to create the “Iron Man Grounded” project. What if Iron Man had to struggle like the rest of us? Wait in line for tickets, take the bus, fly economy class? Right around the time that Avengers: Age of Ultron was being released he spent time developing the less-glamorous scenes.

View more of Raffael Dickreuter’s work on our website!

CGI Photography

entrix headsWhats on your mind? This artist, Antonio Adriao, uses CGI photography to place nature on his subject’s heads. These are composites for Entrix in which they make the waves from stock and build the trees from three dimensional renders.

Find more work like this on our website, !


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