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Photographs from Jim Kemper

07/21/2016- Photography is an art, whether it be with sports, lifestyle, or conceptually.  When behind the lens, a photographer must use their abilities to capture the actions in life in just a mere moment.

Fisherman out at Sunset

Bali fisherman-Jim Kemper.jpg

Photographer Jim Kemper has been taking and perfecting his photography skills for nearly 30 years.  As a result, he has traveled all across the world, where he goes to capture and discover new possibilities for his art.

A large bulk of his photographs come from the sports world.  Kemper attends many live competitions along with in studio shoots for his photographs.  Here is an example of one of his in studio photos, with the most recent member of the Chicago Bulls Dwayne Wade while he was still on the Miami Heat.

Dwayne Wade, Basketball, Miami Heat, Photography, Sports, Lifestyle

Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat-Jim Kemper.jpg

Although it’s clear Kemper has a knack for photographs, live sporting events are a different beast.  Unlike a studio, you never know what is going to happen at a sporting event.

This is why Kemper study’s the sporting event, the contestants, and everything in between so he assures to be in the right spot at the right time.

Chuck Liddell punching Rich Franklin, UFC, Sports, Lifestyle

Chuck punching Ace-Jim Kemper.jpg

Boxer, Photography, Body Slam, Sports, Lifestyle

Boxer bodyslam-Jim Kemper.jpg

Surfing, Surfer riding wave, photography, ocean, Sports, Lifestyle

Surfer riding a wave-Jim Kemper.jpg

Along with Kemper’s ability to catch the perfect moment in sports, he can also do wonders in capturing the essence of a moment in everyday life.

Yoga, Field, Yoga in field, namaste, sports, lifestyle, photography

Vicki Yoga-Jim Kemper.jpg

Man tipping hat, Top Hat, New York City, Photography, Sports, Lifestyle

Man tipping hat-Jim Kemper.jpg


In the event that you’d like to see more of Kemper’s photography, look below, and his entire collection here: Jim Kemper’s Portfolio

Feel free to contact AAReps or Jim Kemper directly to have Jim work for you.

Contact AAReps:      Contact Jim Kemper:


Ballerina, vintage, black and white, photography, sports, lifestyle

Vintage ballerina-Jim Kemper.jpg

Hooded girl, black hood, religion, photography, sports, lifestyle

Hooded girl-Jim Kemper.jpg

Death's head hawk moth, old hand, moth on hand, photography, sports, lifestyle

Death’s head hawk moth hand-Jim Kemper.jpg

Pastry puffs, baking, photography

Pastry puffs-Jim Kemper.jpg

Croquet, Rugby guy, white outfit, photography, sports, lifestyle

rugby guy-Jim Kemper.jpg

Photography by Tony Garcia: Today’s Featured Artist

Today’s featured artist is showing off the photography skills of Tony Garcia.  Some of his artwork will be displayed on Twitter and Instagram throughout the day showing off his fantastic pictures.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Garcia has a knack for capturing the beauty of everyday life in ways not seen with the naked eye.  From his extensive photographs of children, teens, adults, seniors, animals, and family’s, Garcia is able to add extra insight and turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

No matter what the photo, you’re guaranteed to enjoy everything Garcia captures.

Be sure to check out his entire portfolio for AAReps here: Tony Garcia Portfolio and his personal website Tony Garcia 


Photography of family

Grandfather holding grandson. ©Tony Garcia

Tony Garcia “Protect and Defend” Shoot


         This past month American Artists Representatives’ very own Tony Garcia had his photos publicized in a 6-page spread for Scrubs Magazine. The magazine provides advice about work, nursing school, style and beauty just for nurses. The photos presented Protect and Defend, a new brand of scrub that’s fit for a hero.

          Nurses can get this stylish set of scrubs made with CERTAINTY, the next-generation antimicrobial-treated fabric that helps defend against bacteria and odors. It was a superhero scene as the nurses saved the day in their new super scrubs.

Jim Kemper UFC Portraits

The UFC Rules!  Look at these amazing portraits by Jim Kemper. You can see more photos at our website, or on our Flickr page!


UFC Fighter Portraits

UFC Post fight bloody portraits

UFC Fighter Portraits

UFC Bloody Hands

UFC Fighter Portraits

UFC Dripping Cut under Eye

Night At The Ballroom

Kevin Micheal Schmitz just finished a brilliant film noir style fashion shoot for LA Fashion Magazine. The photographs were taken inside a beautiful ballroom at The Palmer House Hilton.

Kevin Schmitz’s LA Fashion Magazine Shoot

Check out this spectacular spread photographed by Kevin Michael Schmitz in Los Angeles Fashion Magazine.  He is responsible for the cover as well as a 6 page spread in the March issue.  He photographed this with the Director of LA Fashion Week on wardrobe and the Creative Director for L’Oreal on hair.  The photos are elegant and the clothes are divine! To see more of his talent visit his work here



Mike Bryan was commissioned to do the cover of Steelheart as part of an action packed trilogy.  The author, Brandon Sanderson also wrote the international bestselling Mistborn trilogy.  Steelheart is the first book of the series; to learn more about the author and his work visit or check him out on our site at

“Classic” Photography by Kevin Schmitz for October LA Fashion Magazines

Kevin Michael Schmitz applied his distinctive vintage style to the LA Magazine’s October editorial spreads entitled “Los Angeles Classics.”  With an ode to the 1940’s detective “film noir” the men and women are styled in original and vintage inspired clothing from Ted Baker, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and SW3 Bespoke.  Special thanks to models Erika Saxon (Brand Models), Charlie Shades (Wilhelmina), and the rest of the team;

1st Assistant: Efran Herrara

2nd Assistant: Joe Gunawan

LA Fashion Magazine

Fashion Photography, Vintage, Kevin Michael Schmitz

Ricardo Galvao "Elected" for Blit’s iPhone & Android "Campaign Trail" Game Caricatures

When our friends at Blit Interactive needed fresh and edgy caricatures of Barack & Mitt to drive their new “Presidential Campaign Trail” game they only needed one look at Ricardo Galvao’s work to “know he was the man for the job”.  Can’t afford to donate to Super PACs?  Don’t worry, for less than a dollar you can show your support & bash the competition on either your iPhone and Android phones!

“Miami Heat” Swimwear Shoot by Kevin Michael Schmitz

LA Fashion Magazine’s August Issue features Kevin Schmitz, who shot a swimwear spread showcasing the designs of Kandy Wrappers & Natalya Toporova. The issue has over 40 pages of the hottest swimwear and bikini lines of 2013. The shoot was taken at several locations, including the Bekins Estate which has the picturesque Pasadena Hills as a backdrop. Schmitz’s shoot consisted of models from elite agencies such as Wilhelmina and Brand. Even though this is only LA Fashion Magazine’s third print publication, they will start releasing monthly editions in October for print and digital platforms.

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