New Work by Eastern Affair

 AA Reps artist studio Eastern Affair creates excellent work using CGI illustration, photography, creative retouching & crafts. The following logos/illustrations are new images by Eastern Affair.

CGI Photography, deadpool, police, babies, hemingway, shakespeare, Lakers, Mad Men, jeans

c - cocacola.jpg

D - Deadpool.jpg

E - Elvis.jpg

F - Fur.jpg

g - golf.jpg

h - huston.jpg

i - ice cube.jpg

j - jeans.jpg

k - kobe.jpg

L - Lego.jpg

m - mad men.jpg

mint vinetu - hemingway.jpg

mint vinetu - shakespeare.jpg

mint vinetu - twain.jpg

N - Neon.jpg

O - Officer.jpg

Mardo El-Noor: A Series of Typographical Designs and Photography


The following photography and typographical images were done by AA Reps artists Mardo El-Noor. You can access more of Mardo’s work here:


Feel free to comment with any questions! Thanks for looking!

©Mardo El-Noor

©Mardo El-Noor

©Mardo El-Noor

Mardo El-Noor_Design_Ugly

Mardo El-Noor_Typography_Ballerina.jpg

Mardo El-Noor_Typography_Bittersweet Home.jpg

Mardo El-Noor_Typography_Break Dancing Ghost.jpg

Mardo El-Noor_Typography_Eat Design Sleep Repeat.jpg

Mardo El-Noor_Typography_Go Find Yourself.jpg

Mardo El-Noor_Typography_Grasp The Thorn.jpg

Mardo El-Noor_Typography_If Now Now When.jpg

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Caitlin Moran as Rosie the Riveter for GQ

GQ features a cartoon/illustration rendering of author, journalist and broadcaster Caitlin Moran as Rosie the Riveter by AAReps artist John Royle.

Comic book style portrait of Catilyn Moran in Rosie the Rivoter pose

Comic book style portrait of Catilyn Moran in Rosie the Rivoter pose.

GQ’s Jonathan Heaf sat down with author Caitlin Moran to discuss the ins-and-outs of her new book. Though Moran is a widely known progressive feminist she has opinions about the recent political landscape, too.

In the interview with Heaf, Moran noted, “if your eldest daughter came downstairs and told you she wanted to be a politician you would look at her like she was a massive pervert. Correct? Politicians today are all cut from the same cloth. They all went to the same university, all did the same PPE course and were all taught by the same tutors. Their collective knowledge is all coming from a very small source. We need a revolution – not one of pitchforks and stone throwing – but something more like an upgrade. A metamorphosis.”


Check out the rest of the interview here.

Friday’s Spotlight is on Anxo Amarelle

1000x500 LAVANDER .jpg

1000x500 coco.jpg





Anxo Amarelle is a graphic designer and art director based in Barcelona. He has done work for (but not limited to):  Nike, Nissan, Converse, Mango, Diesel, and Budweiser. Pictured above are some of Amarelle’s most recent designs.


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Happy Friday!

Today’s Featured Artist: Katarina Voloder

Backdrop by Katarina Voloder.jpg


Girl-in-frame-by-Katarina copy.jpg



Paint Backdrop by Katarina Voloder.jpg

Katarina Voloder is an illustrator and designer geared toward fashion.

To find more of her work visit here.






Today’s Featured Artist: Shawn McKelvey

Image. illustration, pictures, art, drawing

Image. illustration, pictures, art, drawing

Image. illustration, pictures, art, drawing

Image. illustration, pictures, art, drawing

Image. illustration, pictures, art, drawing

Image. illustration, pictures, art, drawing

Image. illustration, pictures, art, drawing

Image. illustration, pictures, art, drawing

Image. illustration, pictures, art, drawing

AARep artist Shawn McKelvey has worked with clients in various industries. McKelvey does animations, illustrations and paintings, and as you can see his work speaks for itself.

Datapoints Depicted Through Everyday Technologies


Studio Liddell developed these CGI-Photography images to visualize the NCC Group’s online escrow and digital security services.

To highlight specific NCC data points for each digital security service, Studio Liddell transformed actual NCC data points into a rendered CGI shaped device that formed various devices.

Studio Liddell’s client supplied photography of people holding these devices for the creation of dimensional CGI designs. These images depict the importance of data in the digital space.

Bill Garland’s “Gordgeous” Pumpkin Ale

Here’s the first look at Bill Garland’s pin-up artwork for NoDa Brewing Companies new seasonal pumpkin ale “Gordgeous.” Last year Garland created a similar pin-up for the launch of Diageo’s pie flavored whiskey, “Piehole Whiskey.”


“Gordgeous is a well-balanced pumpkin ale using over 50 lbs. of pumpkin and 42 lbs. of brown sugar for every batch! The spice blend is not the typical for pumpkin beers, either. They use whole-seed spices cracked at the brewery on brew day which include allspice, cardamom, cloves and freshly shaved whole ginger root.” To learn more about NoDa Brewing Co. visit their website.

Click here to see more of Bill Garland’s work.


Project: “Gorgeous” Pumpkin Ale

Client: NoDa Brewing Co.

Illustrator: Bill Garland

Designer: Kyle Toukatly

The Open Championship (…and a few other Golf illustrations)

In honor of the Open Championship kicking off today (which happens to be known in the social media world as “throwback Thursday”) lets throw it back and take a look at Malcolm Farley’s illustration of Tiger Woods capping off a historic performance on the 18th hole of St. Andrews in the 2000 Open Championship.


2000 was the year Tiger won his first British Open, and his victory also secured his final step in the career grand slam. Wood’s won the open by a record 19-under par, eight strokes ahead of second place. After going +4 in his first round today it doesn’t look like we’ll see Tiger raising the Open trophy again anytime soon so instead lets take a look back at some of his other memorable performances illustrated by Malcolm Farley.

master Tiger Woods 1 Tiger Woods 2 TW Pebble Beach finals

For more work by Malcolm Farley visit our website.

Swell Investing: The New American Dream

Check out some of Chris Hopkins work for Swell Investing. Swell Investing is an investment model merging Wall Street with charity. They teamed up with artist Chris Hopkins to create a series of paintings/illustrations to portray the notion of the “new” American Dream where people can invest in themselves while simultaneously helping the world around them.


What if you could help put textbooks on more desks in schools so children didn’t have to read from tattered old books?




Or put a roof over someone’s head?

Introducing Swell. A new way to invest that can make money, and make a difference.

For more work by Chris Hopkins visit our website.

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