Earth Day


American Artists Representatives would like to increase global awareness on this particular occasion, Earth Day.’s analysis of “Climate Change:  Vital Signs of the Planet:  Evidence” proves that in 1950 the highest carbon dioxide level ever recorded was between 300 and 320 ppm. As of right now, there is a recorded 400 ppm in the atmosphere. These numbers are significantly high and we are ruining the natural state of our planet. Scientists agree that global warming and consequent climate change can be largely credited to human activity alone. The top endangered species include polar bears, frogs, penguins. With a constant rise in temperature their habitats are being altered and decreasing their chance of survival. As temperatures rise, ice melts and sea levels rise. This will not only affect the animals who cannot adapt to their habitat but it will affect many people (especially those who live on coastal borders.) We need to play our part in leading environmentally sound lives. Artists such as Mardo El-Noor, Jerry LoFaro, Frank Neidhardt and Alan Male have created images via photography, typography, cgi, and photo-imaging that we hope resonate with our viewers to live more eco-friendly. Thank you for looking!

frank neidhardt did photo-imaging of a frog before his climate changed and after he was saved. great emphasis for earth day mardo el-noor created typographical imagery to represent the importance of maintaining a clean and sustainable earth the core of science and earth on earth day illustration by american artists representative jerry lofaro photograph of a frog on earth day by photographer

JL-Polar Bear.jpg

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