Halo Wars 2 Teaser Poster for Beta Launch

Here’s a sneak peak at what was unveiled at Comic Con last month for Halo Wars 2.

Mike Bryan, once again nails the image for the next game in the Halo Wars saga. Halo Wars 2 is an upcoming video game developed by 343 Industries and Creative Assembly, and published by Microsoft Studios.  It is scheduled to be released on February 21st, 2017, for Microsoft Windows and the Xbox One video game console.


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Halo Wars 2 Teaser Poster for Beta Launch


The game is the sequel to the 2009 video game Halo Wars, and is set in a sci-fi universe of the Halo series.

The human crew abroad the UNSC warship game & also returns the Spirit of Fire and introduces a new alien faction know as “the banished”.

Development of Halo Wars 2 began in 2014, and the game was announced at Gamescom in 2015.

Click here to see everything you need to know about the new game: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-wars-2



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