Key Art for Abzu Game

Photo-imaging by Mike Bryan for the key Art of the recently released Abzu Game.

Abzu Game, Abzu, Mike Bryan, Matt Nava, Giant Squid studio

Key art underwater scene of diver for Abzu Extended game

Abzu is Matt Nava’s follow up to his landmark artsy video games “Flower” and “Journey”.  Having mastered land, there was no other choice than for Nava to dive underwater.

After the success of the 2012 indie hit “Journey”, which swept that year’s Game Developers Choice Awards and whose score was nominated for a Grammy; Nava formed his own studio to create an ethereal undersea odyssey called “Abzu”.  In a sea of role-playing games and first-person shooters, moody experimental games like “Abzu” remain an anomaly and are especially difficult to design.  “Abu”, which has been released for PlayStation 4 and PC, casts players as a nameless diver exploring an immense three-dimensional seascape teeming with marine life and fantastical topography.

There’s no dialogue or weapons. As with “Flower” and “Journey,” the game’s story unfolds through exploration. “There’s a fine line between telling a story solely through the atmosphere and players just not having any idea where to go,” Nava said. “There are hundreds of directions you could travel in the ocean, so figuring out how to direct the player and design the environments so people had the right amount of direction – but not too much – was very important.” The 10-person team at Nava’s Giant Squid studio found that one of the biggest challenges in creating a game that’s entirely set within the ocean was directing light and forming terrain that undauntedly guides players.

Be sure to check out the new game and let us know what you think!

See more details of the game and how to purchase it here: Abzu Game


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