Semple goes Lollapalooza for Camelbak

08/02/2016- The folks at Camelbak asked Dave Semple to put his distinctive style to work on a series of water bottle designs.  The designs are meant to commemorate this years Lollapalooza festival, this past weekend, Jul 28 – Jul 31, 2016.


Lollapalooza, Graphic Line, Camelbak

Blue Lollapalooza Graphic Line

Lollapalooza, Graphic, Love, Camelbak

Graphic love

Lollapalooza, graphic, surfers, graphics, music festival, Camelbak

Graphic surfers for Camelbak

Lollapalooza, Monster, Graphic, Camelbak, music festival

Monster graphic


All of the performers from Chance the Rapper, to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers did and amazing job at lighting up the stage in Chicago.  Most importantly, they were hydrated with Camelbak, and were reminded to throughout the weekend by the great Dave Semple.

See the rest of Semple’s artwork here: Dave Semple Portfolio


Be sure to check out Camelbak for all your water bottle needs.  If you missed the festival this year, make sure to check out Lollapalooza in 2017.


Get an exclusive on all new work from Dave Semple below…



illustration vector-Retro_Helicopter Magazine illustration.jpg

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Virtual Reality Anywhere from Studio Liddell…

Portable VR with iOS & Android

Portable VR for iOS and Android Applications

Looking to create a Virtual Reality (VR) that can be easily transported to a consumer or trade show event? Are your direct field sales reps looking for a new tool to raise the bar for their sales presentations?

Our VR-PIE (Virtual Reality Portable Immersive Experiences) is the perfect solution for you. VR is not just a technology for the entertainment world. Virtual reality systems are already having a much wider impact across multiple industries in particular, medical, educational, training, science, health and safety.

Would you like to simulate an automotive driving experience? Perhaps you would like to create a pharmaceutical MOD (mechanism of disease) that simulates the symptoms (loss of vision, hearing, etc.) of an MS sufferer? Whatever the VR visual experience you are looking to achieve the VR team at Studio Liddell has successfully implemented multiple wireless VR-PIE for clients in the US and Europe. Using the latest smart iOS and Android phone technologies, we can deliver a fully portable high quality immersive VR experience anywhere- without bulky wires or a powerful desktop computer. Want to see more? Contact us for a demonstration.

Trying to Stay Cool this Summer?

07/25/2016 – Has your biggest issue this summer been trying to stay cool? Aside from the obvious of swimming and air conditioning, the easiest way to escape the heat is through drinks.

Stay cool, Summer, Liquid, Drinks, Water, Loka, Water Bottle

CGI Liquid Splash-Loka water bottle splashing into water.jpg

CGI, Stay cool, Captain Morgan, White Rum, Spice Rum, Rum, Liquid, Drinks, Summer Drinks, Beach Drinks

CGI Rendering Captain Morgan White and Spice Rum Bottles with Drink on Beach with Crashing Waves

The two images above, along with the rest that are shown below, are all courtesy of Artistic Image & Studio Liddell.

Both do exceptional work in the field of CGI.  Creating computerized images that are so life like, you feel as if they were taken by a camera.

As a result of such an intense heat wave sweeping the nation, both Artistic Image & Studio Liddell remind you to stay cool, stay hydrated, and grab a cold one.  It’s equally important to always drink responsibly, and most importantly, enjoy the summer the right way.


Regardless of if you’re a beer drinker, liquor, soda or water, Artistic Image & Studio Liddell have it all for you.


See the rest of their “cool” creations below, and make sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr for more unseen art.


Stay Cool, Coca Cola, Cola, Coke, Cold Coke, Soda, Summer, Summer Drinks

CGI Froasted Coke Bottle in Frosted Window. ©Studio Liddell

Stay cool, Coors, Coors light, Beer, Cold Beer, Summer drinks

CGI Coors Light Bullet Train. ©Artistic Image

Stay Cool, Vitamin Water, Water, Flavored Water, Cool Water, Summer Drinks

CGI Product Still Life_Vitamin water bottles. ©Studio Liddell

Stay Cool, Baileys, ice cube, ice cub wave, CGI, Summer Drinks

Studio Liddell_Liquids_Baileys ice cube wave. ©Studio Liddell

Stay cool, Soleo, Cold drinks, alcohol, liquor, artistic image, summer drinks

Cold refreshing Soleo. ©Artistic Image

Science & Medicine in Motion

07/22/2016- Science & Medicine are two of the most essential studies in the world.  The problem is, many people don’t understand or have enough interest in the fields.

It can be hard to learn the ins and outs of certain scientific aspects, or medical procedures.  That is why Bill Graham creates 2D and CGI animation videos of science & medicine subjects.  In doing so, Graham attempts to bring the less interested into the realm of science through motion.

Motion videos are much more interactive, and can apply both visuals and audio to the learning process.

In a new collection of videos, Graham highlights a few scientific and medical ideas in an easy to learn way.

To point out some of the highlights of this collection, here’s a list with links provided: The Living Chromosome, Self Applicator for Insulin, and Rheumatoid Arthritis to name a few.

All of Graham’s videos can be seen on our website here:

Below are a few thumbnails from some of the videos.

Contact us at: for more info or with any questions.


Science & Medicine, Animation, Motion, Video, PKU, PHE and Tyrosine v11

PKU: The Importance of PHE & Tyrosine v11

Science & Medicine, Self Administering Insulin Device, Insulin, Insulin Device, Animation, Motion, Video

Self Administering Insulin Device

Science & Medicine, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Motion, Video, Animation

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sports, Lifestyle and Everything in Between

07/21/2016- Photography is an art, whether it be with sports, lifestyle, or conceptually.  When behind the lens, a photographer must use their abilities to capture the actions in life in just a mere moment.

Fisherman out at Sunset

Bali fisherman-Jim Kemper.jpg

Photographer Jim Kemper has been taking and perfecting his photography skills for nearly 30 years.  As a result, he has traveled all across the world, where he goes to capture and discover new possibilities for his art.

A large bulk of his photographs come from the sports world.  Kemper attends many live competitions along with in studio shoots for his photographs.  Here is an example of one of his in studio photos, with the most recent member of the Chicago Bulls Dwayne Wade while he was still on the Miami Heat.

Dwayne Wade, Basketball, Miami Heat, Photography, Sports, Lifestyle

Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat-Jim Kemper.jpg

Although it’s clear Kemper has a knack for photographs, live sporting events are a different beast.  Unlike a studio, you never know what is going to happen at a sporting event.

This is why Kemper study’s the sporting event, the contestants, and everything in between so he assures to be in the right spot at the right time.

Chuck Liddell punching Rich Franklin, UFC, Sports, Lifestyle

Chuck punching Ace-Jim Kemper.jpg

Boxer, Photography, Body Slam, Sports, Lifestyle

Boxer bodyslam-Jim Kemper.jpg

Surfing, Surfer riding wave, photography, ocean, Sports, Lifestyle

Surfer riding a wave-Jim Kemper.jpg

Along with Kemper’s ability to catch the perfect moment in sports, he can also do wonders in capturing the essence of a moment in everyday life.

Yoga, Field, Yoga in field, namaste, sports, lifestyle, photography

Vicki Yoga-Jim Kemper.jpg

Man tipping hat, Top Hat, New York City, Photography, Sports, Lifestyle

Man tipping hat-Jim Kemper.jpg


In the event that you’d like to see more of Kemper’s photography, look below, and his entire collection here: Jim Kemper’s Portfolio

Feel free to contact AAReps or Jim Kemper directly to have Jim work for you.

Contact AAReps:      Contact Jim Kemper:


Ballerina, vintage, black and white, photography, sports, lifestyle

Vintage ballerina-Jim Kemper.jpg

Hooded girl, black hood, religion, photography, sports, lifestyle

Hooded girl-Jim Kemper.jpg

Death's head hawk moth, old hand, moth on hand, photography, sports, lifestyle

Death’s head hawk moth hand-Jim Kemper.jpg

Pastry puffs, baking, photography

Pastry puffs-Jim Kemper.jpg

Croquet, Rugby guy, white outfit, photography, sports, lifestyle

rugby guy-Jim Kemper.jpg

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