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Photographs from Jim Kemper

07/21/2016- Photography is an art, whether it be with sports, lifestyle, or conceptually.  When behind the lens, a photographer must use their abilities to capture the actions in life in just a mere moment.

Fisherman out at Sunset

Bali fisherman-Jim Kemper.jpg

Photographer Jim Kemper has been taking and perfecting his photography skills for nearly 30 years.  As a result, he has traveled all across the world, where he goes to capture and discover new possibilities for his art.

A large bulk of his photographs come from the sports world.  Kemper attends many live competitions along with in studio shoots for his photographs.  Here is an example of one of his in studio photos, with the most recent member of the Chicago Bulls Dwayne Wade while he was still on the Miami Heat.

Dwayne Wade, Basketball, Miami Heat, Photography, Sports, Lifestyle

Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat-Jim Kemper.jpg

Although it’s clear Kemper has a knack for photographs, live sporting events are a different beast.  Unlike a studio, you never know what is going to happen at a sporting event.

This is why Kemper study’s the sporting event, the contestants, and everything in between so he assures to be in the right spot at the right time.

Chuck Liddell punching Rich Franklin, UFC, Sports, Lifestyle

Chuck punching Ace-Jim Kemper.jpg

Boxer, Photography, Body Slam, Sports, Lifestyle

Boxer bodyslam-Jim Kemper.jpg

Surfing, Surfer riding wave, photography, ocean, Sports, Lifestyle

Surfer riding a wave-Jim Kemper.jpg

Along with Kemper’s ability to catch the perfect moment in sports, he can also do wonders in capturing the essence of a moment in everyday life.

Yoga, Field, Yoga in field, namaste, sports, lifestyle, photography

Vicki Yoga-Jim Kemper.jpg

Man tipping hat, Top Hat, New York City, Photography, Sports, Lifestyle

Man tipping hat-Jim Kemper.jpg


In the event that you’d like to see more of Kemper’s photography, look below, and his entire collection here: Jim Kemper’s Portfolio

Feel free to contact AAReps or Jim Kemper directly to have Jim work for you.

Contact AAReps:      Contact Jim Kemper:


Ballerina, vintage, black and white, photography, sports, lifestyle

Vintage ballerina-Jim Kemper.jpg

Hooded girl, black hood, religion, photography, sports, lifestyle

Hooded girl-Jim Kemper.jpg

Death's head hawk moth, old hand, moth on hand, photography, sports, lifestyle

Death’s head hawk moth hand-Jim Kemper.jpg

Pastry puffs, baking, photography

Pastry puffs-Jim Kemper.jpg

Croquet, Rugby guy, white outfit, photography, sports, lifestyle

rugby guy-Jim Kemper.jpg

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