#3DI goes Micro for Nitromites

Goodwin commissioned 3DI studio to create the key packaging art to launch Zag Toys “Nitromites” line of toys;

Two boxed playsets “Rockin’ Rebound Stunt Set” & “Two Intense Track Set” & Two boxed bike products “Series 1- Hammer Down” & “Marvel Series 1- Heroes & Villains”

Problem?: How to create packaging without actual toy products to work from? Nitromites was a new product to launch, and the product was still in production development at the onset of the packaging assignment.

Solution: Working from CAD data, 3DI developed grayscale renderings of product, with bikes in action, playset features, etc, & dropped into a rough composited image of the environment for feedback and approval.  After approval of the grayscale renders 3DI created positional low-resolution F/C version for feedback. Lastly, they created layered full-color high resolution images for the final packaging executions.

3DI Studio creates cover for New York Times bestselling author

3DI Studio has created the cover for Clive Clusser’s new book in the Fargo Adventure series. Under a compressed timeline of 5 days until the book’s production release, publisher Penguin USA needed a cover that defined the Fargo Adventure series. As a result, 3DI created a CGI rendering of “The Tombs” with moody lighting and bullet riddled crates of gold and jewels. The final CGI image was created by rendering multiple separate images that were composed in Adobe Photoshop. This illustration really captures the “heart-pounding” action and suspense that Clusser showcases in his book.

The New York Times bestselling author’s highly anticipated new book will be released on September 4th, 2012. Pre-order the hardcover here!

3DI Creates Jeweled Logo for Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld #13 Finale

Dutton’s Creative Director, Rich Hasselberger, commissioned 3DI Studios to create the jeweled logo for the book “Thirteen”. Kelley Armstrong’s epic finale of the Women of the Otherworld series is being released on July 24th.

3DI Studio is a UK based CGI studio whose recent clients include: Bose Corporation, Mattel, & Zag Toys.

See more of 3DI Studio’s work here.

3DI Studio Relaunch Mortal Engines as Predator Cities

To support Scholastic UK’s relaunch of Philip Reeves beloved Mortal Engines series this month; 3DI Studio applied their CGI expertise to revamp the original “steampunk” styled covers with fresh new visuals inspired by 3DI extensive video game work.

You can find more of 3DI Studio’s work here.

LoJack 25th Anniversary

 3DI Studio recently completed this design for LoJack.  The company, which specializes in stolen vehicle recovery, is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  Therefore, they chose 3DI Studio to create the artwork for their website to commemorate their quarter century in business, which can be seen here.

Kellogg’s Coco & Co.

3DI Studio recently created a series of CGI character animations for Kellogg’s Coco & Co.  The animations, which are activated by each control button, are featured here on the Kellogg’s website, including Coco, the cereal’s monkey mascot.  The site includes an animated video, information on the products, and FAQs.


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