Royle Scores with New “Superhunk” Designs for Aussiebum

Aussiebum-Comic-book-Superhunk-banner-artworkJohn Royle’s comic book illustrations are driving Aussiebum’s latest product launch. Royle has applied his distinctive character design & vibrant color work to create the “Superhunk” collection that feature buff Superheroes including: Air Force, Army Man, CEO, Fireman, & Sailor Man.

John’s designs are utilized across Aussiebum’s social media outlets, including Facebook, YouTube, and as the latest opening banner at To quote Aussiebum’s Managing Director Sean Ashby “Great feedback and rave reviews from facebook fans…. It’s a winner :)” Click here to see more of John Royle’s work or to have contribute to your next project.

Mike Bryan’s Cover Artwork for “Tin Men.”

Tin Men Book Cover Final Battle Cyborg Robot with Marionette Strings


Mike Bryan recently created the cover artwork for award winning author Christopher Golden’s highly anticipated novel Tin Men. Golden is the New York Times best selling author of The Myth Hunters, Snowblind, Of Saints and Shadows, Wildwood Road, and The Boys Are Back in Town.

Advanced praise for Tin Men has generated significant excitement around its June 23rd release. “Tin Men is the literary equivalent of a muscle car: stylish and fast-paced, with a hopped-up engine of a plot. Christopher Golden starts things off at tire-burning speed and never lets up. It’s a great ride—definitely as much fun as we can ever hope to have while the world falls to ruin around us.”-Scott Smith, author of A Simple Plan and The Ruins.

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Raffael Dickreuter Humanizes Iron Man


11_Iron_Man_Grounded_sue_chicago_dinosaur_jurassic_world_raffael_dickreuter 17_iron_man_grounded_making_of2 18_Iron_Man_grounded_making_Of
14_Iron_Man_Grounded_miami_beach_raffael_dickreuter 4_Iron_Man_grounded_lamborghini_raffael_dickreuter 1_iron_man_grounded_the_thinker
15_Iron_Man_Grounded_los_angeles-helicopter_iphone_raffael_dickreuter 3_Iron_Man_Grounded_variety_raffael_dickreuter 5_Iron_Man_Grounded_office_book_a_vacation_raffael_dickreuter
6_Iron_Man_Grounded_las_vegas_selfie_iphone_raffael_dickreuter 7_Iron_Man_Grounded_flies_economy_class_raffael_dickreuter 9_Iron_man_grounded_rides_new_york_subway_raffael_dickreuter

Photographer Raffael Dickreuter is based in Los Angeles, CA. His professional background is diverse in film visual effects, design, advertising and photography. While attending the Golden Globe awards a couple of months back, Raffael Dickreuter was fortunate enough to get a word in with Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel’s Tony Stark are very similar characters; when Dickreuter felt that Robert Downey Jr. was essentially untouchable to mere mortals, he decided to create the “Iron Man Grounded” project. What if Iron Man had to struggle like the rest of us? Wait in line for tickets, take the bus, fly economy class? Right around the time that Avengers: Age of Ultron was being released he spent time developing the less-glamorous scenes.

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Bill Garland’s Piehole Whiskey

Bill Garland created pin-up characters Sweet Ashey (Apple), Sweet Cheri (Cherry) and Sweet Peggy (Pecan) for the launch of Diageo’s pie flavored whiskey product. Pecan Pie flavored whiskeyApple pie flavored whiskeyBill-Garland_retro_pin-up_painting_sweet_cheri-cherry-pie-hole-whiskey_label-bill-garland

Recently, Piehole Whiskey entered into the San Francisco World Spirits competition. They were a Gold Series Medal Winner of the 2015 Packaging Design Awards. Explaining the launch of the product, Kristin Markovich, Diageo’s senior whiskey innovation manager, said: “Many people remember that feeling you get when you first taste Grandma’s pies fresh from the oven… Piehole is our way of bringing that delicious memory to consumers for any fun occasion.” Using Bill’s “ladies” as the focal point, the brand tapped Garland to add his unique “retro” illustration skills to create new illustration content for the “Recipes” and “Stuff” site pages.  To see more from Bill Garland, view our website! 


Project: ”Piehole Whiskey”
Client: Diageo
Ad Agency: Raison Pure
Illustrator: Bill Garland

Tony Randazzo’s Automotive Technical Blueprints for Car Maker’s Connected Car Safety Features

PrintGlovebox cubbie_revs

General Motors and Chrysler commissioned Tony Randazzo to blueprint their technological innovations in the automotive industry.  The illustrations displayed new digital platforms that will be added to the dashboard and are expected to generate billions of dollars in revenue, as stated in an article from the Business Insider’s technology section. The illustrations by Tony show ideas that  will forever change the way consumers view the automotive industry in light of safety and comfort. John Greenough wrote, “Connected-safety features will bring in $44 billion in 2020. These connections include alerting customers of road conditions, such as severe weather or an approaching hazard, as well as collision-avoidance.”

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CGI Photography

entrix headsWhats on your mind? This artist, Antonio Adriao, uses CGI photography to place nature on his subject’s heads. These are composites for Entrix in which they make the waves from stock and build the trees from three dimensional renders.

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Mike Bryan’s Photo Imaging

©Mike Bryan

Another amazing job by AA Reps very own Mike Bryan! He creates an interesting look into a different reality using photo imaging. This specific piece was used for the game design of Halo 3.


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Mike Bryan's Photo Imaging

©Mike Bryan

Another amazing job by AA Reps very own Mike Bryan! He creates an interesting look into a different reality using photo imaging. This specific piece was used for the game design of Halo 3.


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Artistic Image Does Promo Ad for Luxury Automobile Brand Jaguar

Artistic Image Does Promo Ad for Luxury Automobile Brand Jaguar 

The luxury automobile brand Jaguar and AAReps own Artistic Image has teamed up to release a sleek new promotional ad for the Jaguar X250 XF Saloon, one of their newest brand of cars. Check out the stylish car in the promo ad below: 

Contact_Sheet_Red_JAG_01info graphic design frames




Bonnie Hofkin Adds Form and Function to the Hospital for Special Surgery AR

Bonnie Hofkin Adds Form and Function to the Hospital for Special Surgery AR

Bonnie Hofkin is well known for her many different art forms, one being her unique medical sketches and drawings. Most recently, Hofkin created some amazing detailed illustrations of the human body for the Hospital for Special Surgery. The HSS featured Hofkin’s drawings in their annual report brochure, located on their official website.

The HSS specializes in many different kinds of surgeries such as Joint Replacement, Spine, Foot & Ankle, Sports Medicine and Shoulder & Limb Lengthening, Hand and Upper Extremity, Metabolic Bone Disease/Oncology, just to name a few. You can find out more information by clicking the link below.   

The HSS Department of Orthopaedic Surgery 2012-2013 Annual Report 
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