Semple goes Lollapalooza for Camelbak

08/02/2016- The folks at Camelbak asked Dave Semple to put his distinctive style to work on a series of water bottle designs.  The designs are meant to commemorate this years Lollapalooza festival, this past weekend, Jul 28 – Jul 31, 2016.


Lollapalooza, Graphic Line, Camelbak

Blue Lollapalooza Graphic Line

Lollapalooza, Graphic, Love, Camelbak

Graphic love

Lollapalooza, graphic, surfers, graphics, music festival, Camelbak

Graphic surfers for Camelbak

Lollapalooza, Monster, Graphic, Camelbak, music festival

Monster graphic


All of the performers from Chance the Rapper, to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers did and amazing job at lighting up the stage in Chicago.  Most importantly, they were hydrated with Camelbak, and were reminded to throughout the weekend by the great Dave Semple.

See the rest of Semple’s artwork here: Dave Semple Portfolio


Be sure to check out Camelbak for all your water bottle needs.  If you missed the festival this year, make sure to check out Lollapalooza in 2017.


Get an exclusive on all new work from Dave Semple below…



illustration vector-Retro_Helicopter Magazine illustration.jpg

illustration vector-Animals & Nature_Bird Cat Tortoise Rat Rabbi illustration vector-Animals & Nature_Chickens illustration vector-Animals & Nature _Rock Band Bugs Magazine il illustration vector-Cartoons & Characters_bug characters illustr illustration vector-Cartoons & Characters_Super Hero illustration vector-Cartoons & Characters_Usborne Publishing Lot illustration vector-cartoons & Characters _Usborne Publishing Lo illustration vector-People_Couple in a Garden Magazine illustrat illustration vector-Retro_Chef Magazine illustration illustration vector-Retro_Energy Construction illustration illustration vector-Vector_Usborne Publishing Lots of Mice To Sp

Studio Liddell’s “creative” Art for Jell-O Creations

Studio Liddell created a series of artwork for the launch of Jell-O’s new line of desserts, Jell-O creations.

Jell-O creations Dessert kits including oreo and princess

CGI rendering for Jell-O creations cover and cooking instruction backpanel insets

Designed by Anthem in NYC, Studio Liddell created box front backgrounds, and full panel instructional guides for the Dirt, S’Mores, Princess & Beach flavors.

The newest product created by the Jell-O team is aimed at children, and makes eating dessert more interactive than ever.

Rather than the dessert already being made, you have to go through the ingredients in the box to make your dessert.

Thanks again to the Anthem team:

AD/Designer: Diana Lee

CD: Gerard Rizzo

Acc’t Mgmt: Amy Stevens

Studio Liddell Creates Packaging for Sure Jell

Sure Jell is a fruit pectin product that’s used for making jellies or jams at home. Who better than AA Reps artist studio, Studio Liddell to create beautiful fruit and jam images for Sure Jell packaging? Nobody! Studio Liddell does animation, photo-imaging, CGI, interactive art and more.

Images one through three are Studio Liddell created images that Sure Jell used for their product.

Images four through eight are additional seamless fruit images created by Studio Liddell.

Thank you for looking, as always let us know if you have any questions.

Happy Friday from AA Reps!



Certo-Fruit_Pectin_Liquid_FINAL_no type.jpg

Studio Liddell Sure Jell Product Web.jpeg

Sure-Jell-Fruit_Pectin_Original_FINAL_no text.jpg





Peach full

Studio Liddell: CGI Character Development and Advertising

The following images were produced by AAReps artist Studio Liddell. Studio Liddell is a creative design studio that specializes in 3D animation, character design, motion graphics, game design and more. Below you will find  miscellaneous CGI character development, as well as images used for the advertising of BUPA international healthcare program and BMW.


Take a look at more work by Studio Liddell here:

©Studio Liddell

©Studio Liddell

©Studio Liddell

©Studio Liddell

BUPA_PhoneBox BUPA_Phone BUPA_Office BUPA_Lowry BUPA, Barney, characters, design, CGI, GIF, advertising, studio, studio Liddell, pictures, photog, web design Studio Liddell_squirrel Studio Liddell_car driving in tunnel Studio Liddell_bug with maginfying glass Studio Liddell_BMW

Bonnie Hofkin Does Cocktail Napkin Style Drawings for United SXSW

drawing, sweepstakes, illustration, tech, contest, art, artist, icons & logos, Bonnie Hofkin does cocktail napkin drawing developments of technology for United SXSW

Bonnie Hofkin does cocktail napkin drawing developments of technology for United SXSW.

Click here for the complete contest video including Bonnie’s work.

AA Reps artist Bonnie Hofkin created cocktail napkin style drawings for the United Airlines Ideation Lounge:  Ideas Fly Sweepstakes at this month’s SXSW show in Austin, TX.  Working with the co-located creative team at Momentum, Bonnie’s was tasked with creating simplified representations of complex technologies.

Contestants are encouraged to pitch their best ideas for United Airlines digital platforms. Submissions are to be drawn on the back side of United Airline’s festival napkins and submitted via Instagram or Twitter captioned with #IdeasFlySweepstakes. Through contest entry contestants are eligible to win two tickets anywhere United travels (including more stops to the world’s most esteemed tech hubs!)

Agency: Momentum (Chicago & St. Louis)

CD: TJ Rapach

AD: Tammy Russ

Production: Emily Beckett

Studio Blanka typographic visuals launch new Metro Market upscale urban market chain

Studio Blanka created a series of typographic illustrations to represent the amenities at this new upscale market chain, targeted at busy urbanites in Milwaukee.typographic-logo-design-illustration-The-finest-meats-veggies-and-cheeses-available-by-the-pound-or-by-the-slice typographic-logo-design-illustration-We-specialize-in-cheese-thats-hard-to-find-and-even-haarder-to-pronounce. typographic-logo-design-illustration-Please-dont-squeeze-the-produce-well-be-happy-to-squeeze-it-for-you typographic-logo-design-illustration-Not-in-the-mood-to-grocery-shop-our-bartenders-and-baristas-on-site-to-help typographic-logo-design-illustration-Milk-eggs-break-oysters-on-the-half-shell-you-know-the-necessities Studio Blanka for MetroMarket


Today’s Featured Artist: Jerry LoFaro

Friskies Combined

The Friskies Create & Taste Kitchen games feature incredible work done by Jerry. To play or take a better look visit:

©Jerry LoFaro

jerry lofaro animals and nature-cow with heart markings in field jerry lofaro animals and nature-aflac duck

©Jerry LoFaro

©Jerry LoFaro

©Jerry LoFaro Illustration

2d animated dummy renderings by Jerry LoFaro

jerry lofaro landscapes-JL_Mahalo island beach at sunsetProd Chocolate Caramel.jpg
The above illustrations are by artist Jerry LoFaro. Jerry has been creating award winning art for over 25 years. Jerry’s promotional illustrations have been used by companies such as Purina, Claritin, Cottonelle (yes, with the adorable puppy), Reed’s Energy Elixir, Crystal Dairy, Henniker Brewing Co.; he has also provided beautiful work for Celestial Seasonings completing over 50 product designs.

Two Texas Icons, One Shared Spirit #KaceyForLucchese

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.05.50 AM

AA Reps, Bill Garland, designed this pinup of Kacey Musgraves for her very own boot line with Lucchese, “Kacey For Lucchese.”

Kacey Musgraves is a Grammy winning country singer and songwriter. The launch of her boot line shows both her country side, as well as her style, relating to her music, Musgraves having designed each boot. “As a native Texan (and a boot wearer!) this brand means something special to me and this opportunity was a dream come true,” Musgraves explains in a release. “Every detail on each boot in this line represents sentiments and pieces of me and my career.”

The line just launched this November (just in time for the holidays!) Musgraves’ boots can be found online at Lucchese, her official website, and at many retail stores in the South!

John Hom Carves some “Snap, Crackle & Pop” into Halloween

Kellogg's famous characters get together for Halloween

John Hom created glowing lit pumpkins carved with beloved Kelloggs characters; Snap, Crackle, & Pop, Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, & Krave for these special edition Halloween boxes. Each box had it’s own spooky graveyard scene with the characters interacting with the pumpkins.

Creative: Kayla Greenfield

Producer: Julie Bassignani

Agency: The Integer Group


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Royle Scores with New “Superhunk” Designs for Aussiebum

Aussiebum-Comic-book-Superhunk-banner-artworkJohn Royle’s comic book illustrations are driving Aussiebum’s latest product launch. Royle has applied his distinctive character design & vibrant color work to create the “Superhunk” collection that feature buff Superheroes including: Air Force, Army Man, CEO, Fireman, & Sailor Man.

John’s designs are utilized across Aussiebum’s social media outlets, including Facebook, YouTube, and as the latest opening banner at To quote Aussiebum’s Managing Director Sean Ashby “Great feedback and rave reviews from facebook fans…. It’s a winner :)” Click here to see more of John Royle’s work or to have contribute to your next project.

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