Art for Everyone, from Frank Neidhardt

No matter what medium of art it is, it’s hard to find artwork that everyone will like.

Whether it is because someone doesn’t understand, or they don’t like the content, art is personal to everyone.  The beauty of Frank Neidhardt, is that he’s not confound to these parameters.  For this reason, his artwork is beloved by so many.

Ireland country landscape

Sunset on the Irish country side ©Frank Neidhardt


Guard surprised when coming face to face with an alien

Frank Neidhardt is an expert in photo-imaging, and creating art that everyone will enjoy.

His success comes from the fact that he doesn’t focus on one type of artwork.  Anything from sports to animals in nature, landscapes and portraits are up for grabs with Neidhardt.

Morning coffee and rugby

Rugby in the morning ©Frank Neidhardt

Harry Potter, golden snitch

Harry Potter emitting light from the golden snitch ©Frank Neidhardt


Regardless of if you’re an art aficionado or novice, you’re bound to find something you like from Frank Neidhart.

In the event that you’d like to see more of Neidhart’s work, click on the link here: Frank Neidhart’s Portfolio

In order to contact us, go to our site here with any questions, concerns, or business related conversations.

Cartoons and Illustration by Jim Steck

07/18/2016- Cartoons are a special type of illustrations.  When thinking about cartoons, many of us think of classics such as Bugs Bunny or Looney Tunes.

Unlike the popular cartoon television shows, Jim Steck specializes in still art.  His illustrations capture a moment in time for a cartoon character.

cartoon basketball player at a picnic

Illustration of Scottie Pippen overweight after a large picnic

Whether it be a basketball game, a mad scientist, or a pizza guy, he captures a specific moment that brings their story to life.

His unique style is seen in his use of geometry, and taking simple shapes and distorting them to add his own flare.

Magician with bunny

Magician with bunny


Steck’s cartoons are so popular because of the fact that they can be appreciated by all ages.

Below are some more examples of his work, along with a link to his entire portfolio: Jim Steck’s Portfolio


pizza man cartoon with mustache

Retro cartoon of a pizza man

Music tiger

Musical tiger in a top hat

Major Poopy pants, army cartoon

Major poopy pants cartoon, part of the Army Babies

Halloween hoodlum cartoon

Halloween hoodlum brewing a nasty concoction

Icons by Tim Frame

Often while you are doing your best work, it is hard to find a word that perfectly describes to consumers what you would like to facilitate. In such cases, icons are your solution. AA Reps artist Tim Frame has created several series of icons that can be used for a multitude of projects because sometimes it is better to show than to say.

More of Tim’s logo designs can be found at the following link:  Tim Frame Logos

If you have any questions regarding a particular project, please comment below or email to

Thanks for your interest!


graphic vector line icons_ballet-coffee-doorknocker.jpg graphic vector line icons_bear-beer-insectscary.jpg graphic vector line icons_controller-building-#@-superman.jpg graphic vector line icons_diamond-dosls-triangle.jpg graphic vector line icons_forkknifetapeheart-bird-sunandsnow.jpg graphic vector line icons_heartvitals-spotlight-sunandrain.jpg graphic vector line icons_mailbox-football-mic.jpg graphic vector line icons_masls-balletshoes-book.jpg

Today’s Featured Artist: Jerry LoFaro

Friskies Combined

The Friskies Create & Taste Kitchen games feature incredible work done by Jerry. To play or take a better look visit:

©Jerry LoFaro

jerry lofaro animals and nature-cow with heart markings in field jerry lofaro animals and nature-aflac duck

©Jerry LoFaro

©Jerry LoFaro

©Jerry LoFaro Illustration

2d animated dummy renderings by Jerry LoFaro

jerry lofaro landscapes-JL_Mahalo island beach at sunsetProd Chocolate Caramel.jpg
The above illustrations are by artist Jerry LoFaro. Jerry has been creating award winning art for over 25 years. Jerry’s promotional illustrations have been used by companies such as Purina, Claritin, Cottonelle (yes, with the adorable puppy), Reed’s Energy Elixir, Crystal Dairy, Henniker Brewing Co.; he has also provided beautiful work for Celestial Seasonings completing over 50 product designs.

Ask Professor Iamstein!

Working with moodboard designs and scripts from Saatchi NYC, the talented team at Powerhouse Animation created “Professor Iamstein,” a pet food scientist and connoisseur. He is going to host five animated videos on the IAMS YouTube channel and educate the masses on the most common questions pet owners have about the animals they care for and love.

Powerhouse was thrilled to get the opportunity to work with the creative team at premiere ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi NY on their animated campaign for IAMS pet food. The designs and scripts we received from the Saatchi team gave us a great sense of what style they were hoping to achieve with these short videos, and the Powerhouse team enjoyed bringing this vision to life. They did a great job!

Haven’t you ever wondered…

What Makes a Cat Fat

Because my cat is looking rather rotund lately.

Or how about this? Does this notion ever cross your mind when your dog sits next to you and intensely stares as you eat your bacon burger?

Why Do Dogs Create Meat

We certainly wonder about this.

Plus, extending the lives of our furry friends is high on our list of priorities. Let’s figure out how to do that!


If you share these questions with us, why not find out the answers at ? Professor Iamstein will tell you everything you need to know about your pets.

The most adorable cartoon animals, ever.

Rick Grayson Has made quite the name for himself developing beautiful and imaginative landscapes for children’s board games and puzzles. He recently put together a plethora of illustrations of animals in every day uniforms. Check these out!


Empire Magazine Illustrations

Empire Magazine, a British film magazine, recently contacted us to create fun images of a shark and a piranha for a movie-related feature.  Artist Bonnie Hofkin designed the two illustrations (featured above), which show cutaways of their stomachs.

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