"Journey Where Your Dreams Are Made"

“Donde tus sueños se hacen viaje…..” reads the amazing promo photos made for the SALON INTERNACIONAL TURISMO, which is based out of Spain. The 26 second video located on the SIT’s website displays a stunning collage that is sure to make you want to journey where your dreams are made!

Credits go to AARep’s own, Anxo Amarelle! 





150 Weapons From the Past. Flaming Pigs Included.

A History of Weapons is a book that really brings out the testosterone in you. Every crazy weapon you’ve ever heard of is in this book and it’s all been beautifully sketched by Barry Orkin. Barry was commissioned by Chronicle Books to draw out all 150 weapons; some of the weapons being giant war elephants and flaming pigs (Yes, setting pigs on fire was a tactic used by the Romans) as well as the most dangerous sword ever created: the Urumi.

A History of Weapons is scheduled for release on April 23, 2013.

The cover was illustrated by Barry as well!


Johns Hopkins University goes Epic with David Semple.

David Semple  was recently commissioned by Johns Hopkins Medicine to create a fun and interesting character to help promote the launch of a new initiative to convert all medical records and billings from paper to an entirely digital database under the name “Epic”.

Smeple created a cute character under the name of “Eppie.” Below are some of the images Semple created. They were published in Dome Magazine.

You can see more of David’s featured work here.

The most adorable cartoon animals, ever.

Rick Grayson Has made quite the name for himself developing beautiful and imaginative landscapes for children’s board games and puzzles. He recently put together a plethora of illustrations of animals in every day uniforms. Check these out!


3D Cartoons on Realistic Backdrops by Albert Gruswitz


Albert Gruswitz created these awesome 3D images with realistic backdrops and vivid fantasy scenes to boot. On top of that, Albert has been selected by Lüezer’s International Archive to be in this year’s 200 Best Digital Artists Annual.


Fun Christmas cards by artist Terrance Gayler

Terrance gaylor made this F/C illustration of santa struggling to come down a fireplace. This would make a great Christmas card!

More of his work at: terencegaylor.com 

Is there a doctor in the house? Bill Garland’s amazing tongue and cheek of a Norman Rockwell painting.


Artist Bill Garland created this amazing and hilarious painting of Norman Rockwell’s “Thanksgiving” for Dome Magazine. The oil painting depicts the family having a very normal Thanksgiving dinner, except for the fact that the man and all ten of his children are actually doctors.

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