Bill Garland’s Piehole Whiskey

Bill Garland created pin-up characters Sweet Ashey (Apple), Sweet Cheri (Cherry) and Sweet Peggy (Pecan) for the launch of Diageo’s pie flavored whiskey product. Pecan Pie flavored whiskeyApple pie flavored whiskeyBill-Garland_retro_pin-up_painting_sweet_cheri-cherry-pie-hole-whiskey_label-bill-garland

Recently, Piehole Whiskey entered into the San Francisco World Spirits competition. They were a Gold Series Medal Winner of the 2015 Packaging Design Awards. Explaining the launch of the product, Kristin Markovich, Diageo’s senior whiskey innovation manager, said: “Many people remember that feeling you get when you first taste Grandma’s pies fresh from the oven… Piehole is our way of bringing that delicious memory to consumers for any fun occasion.” Using Bill’s “ladies” as the focal point, the brand tapped Garland to add his unique “retro” illustration skills to create new illustration content for the “Recipes” and “Stuff” site pages.  To see more from Bill Garland, view our website! 


Project: ”Piehole Whiskey”
Client: Diageo
Ad Agency: Raison Pure
Illustrator: Bill Garland

Bill Garland’s Pin-Up for Blackheart Rum

To launch Blackheart Rum’s Social Media campaign, Bill Garland re-created the iconic Pin-up that he developed for the Blackheart Rum bottle.  Working closely with digital brand marketing agency, XenoPsi, Bill created (6) Six new poses with multiple arm variations for use on Blackheart Rum’s Facebook page.  Here’s our heroine celebrating Thanksgiving.


Is there a doctor in the house? Bill Garland’s amazing tongue and cheek of a Norman Rockwell painting.


Artist Bill Garland created this amazing and hilarious painting of Norman Rockwell’s “Thanksgiving” for Dome Magazine. The oil painting depicts the family having a very normal Thanksgiving dinner, except for the fact that the man and all ten of his children are actually doctors.

A magical birth During WWII

Bill Garland was commissioned to do an illustration about a real WWII story of a British soldier and how he witnessed a magical birth in a barn on Christmas day for Saga Magazine, a UK based magazine

Dinner Time

Adweek, a weekly magazine about advertising news, commissioned  Bill Garland to do a painting with a retro look, of a family having dinner dressed as chefs for their  special issue on food


Life in the Wilderness

bear sniffing honey trap with campsite and food still life illustrations

Bill Garland did several  illustrations about life in the wilderness for Texas Monthly Magazine.

V.K. Nagrani’s New Website

One of our recent clients was V.K. Nagrani, a luxury men’s hosiery and underwear manufacturer. Unlike many luxury brands with super modern illustration on their websites, V.K. Nagrani wanted several illustrations to give their website and online store a retro 1940’s/1950’s look. Our artist, Bill Garland, did the illustrations featured on all the pages of the website, which can be found here. It is a nice departure from many other high-end clothing stores advertising campaigns. What do you think?

The Family Treasure Book Cover

When deciding on the cover artwork for their new book of puzzles, “The Family Treasury of Puzzles,” St. Martin’s Press chose artist Bill Garland.  Garland created the image and design featured on the cover (displayed above).  Think you can beat “The Family Treasury” puzzles?

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