Storm Surge! Studio 3DI continues it’s great work for the Destroyermen saga

Taylor Anderon’s new book, Storm Surge, is right around the corner and Studio 3DI created the latest book cover for them. The book with be released July 3, 2013. Be sure to check out more of Studio 3DI’s work HERE!


Lucky Stiff

Jerry LoFaro was commissioned to do another book cover illustration for the new book on the on going “A Mattie Winston Mystery” series, by Annelise Ryan . This one, depicts the “hero”, a cat, and its friend a dog, next to a slot machine against a flashy casino interior background.

Lucky Stiff is not just a mystery novel but a humorous story about a cat and a dog working together to solve the death of a paraplegic man who recently won big at the casino. The book was published by Kensington Books and is currently available for purchase! We definitely recommend this book if you enjoy mystery, comedy, and romance all in one.

150 Weapons From the Past. Flaming Pigs Included.

A History of Weapons is a book that really brings out the testosterone in you. Every crazy weapon you’ve ever heard of is in this book and it’s all been beautifully sketched by Barry Orkin. Barry was commissioned by Chronicle Books to draw out all 150 weapons; some of the weapons being giant war elephants and flaming pigs (Yes, setting pigs on fire was a tactic used by the Romans) as well as the most dangerous sword ever created: the Urumi.

A History of Weapons is scheduled for release on April 23, 2013.

The cover was illustrated by Barry as well!


Fire Prevention Week Promotion

Fire Prevention Week is celebrated every October and educates children on the dangers of fire and what to do in the event of a fire.  Positive Promotions produces and sells products relating to fire prevention, including books and stationery.  This year, artist Garth Glazier has created an illustration (shown above) which will be featured in a Positive Promotions catalogue.

The Pirate Handbook

Thinking of a new career path?  Intrigued by a life of danger and fortune?  Perhaps you should try becoming a pirate, with the help of Pat Croce’s new book “The Pirate Handbook,” of course.  Croce teaches you everything you need to know about the pirating trade, how to survive a duel, and the pirate codes to abide by.  Alongside his tips are also illustrations created by own very own Dave Hopkins. 

The Moustache Grower’s Guide









Guys, ever wonder how to grow the perfect Fu Manchu mustache?  Or is the Lenin more your style?  Whatever mustache you’re looking to grow, author Lucien Edwards has described exactly how to do so in his new book The Moustache Grower’s Guide, from how to groom it, who wore it, and how to wear it.  Our artist, Dave Hopkins, designed and created all the illustrations, a few of which can be seen above.  So to all mustache enthusiasts, we suggest heading straight to the bookstore to pick this one up.

Angels of Vengeance

John Birmingham, author of Without Warning and After America, is preparing to release his third novel in the series called Angels of Vengeance, published by Random House.  The cover artwork, which is featured above, was created by our very own AAReps artist, Mike Bryan.

The Family Treasure Book Cover

When deciding on the cover artwork for their new book of puzzles, “The Family Treasury of Puzzles,” St. Martin’s Press chose artist Bill Garland.  Garland created the image and design featured on the cover (displayed above).  Think you can beat “The Family Treasury” puzzles?

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