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Studio Liddell is a global creative production studio. The talented artists of Studio Liddell seek to create accurate representations for their brands. The above images done by the studio are vibrant and meticulously done, as you will find all of their work is. Comment with any questions. Happy Studio Liddell feature Friday!

CGI Photography

entrix headsWhats on your mind? This artist, Antonio Adriao, uses CGI photography to place nature on his subject’s heads. These are composites for Entrix in which they make the waves from stock and build the trees from three dimensional renders.

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3D Rendering vs Product Photography

Product photography has always been the reigning champion of marketing. Everyone knows how important it is to make your product look as good as possible. The better your product looks on screen or billboard, the more likely a customer is going to want to shell out the money to buy that product.

With new advances in technology and more affordable software, companies like Ikea are resorting to a new kind of imaging. 3D rendering is becoming a more and more effective and cost efficient way to design, advertise, and conceptualize a multitude of products.

From scratch. with 3D rendering, a product can be created without the building blocks of a prototype. The image can be created from specification drawings of even rough sketches.

Fully layered file delivery. While a photograph is usually made up of one layer, a CG product is delivered as fully layered files with each detail as a separate layer. Even the shadows are separated.

Troubleshooting? No problem. Since the CG product was created using a program, there is never a point of no return (unless you already posted the image. Whoops!) Changes to the image can be made at any moment after completion.

Looks just like a real photograph. These days CG rendering is so crisp that most people can’t even tell if the image is real or not. Material such as metals, plastics, rubbers, and woods all render incredibly well and are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

Boundless resolution. Your average professional camera these days has about 25 megapixels. CG rendered images can give the equivalent of over 50 megapixels. That’s super high resolution and quality.

 Image converted using ifftoany

This doesn’t mean that product photography is going to become obsolete. It is still more cost efficient to photograph the product if the product already exists, or if the item is complex in shape which could be very time consuming to create on the computer. Materials like tiles and fabrics are hard to render as well and are better off being photographed.


Cinryze commissioned Artistic Image to create this eye-catching image to promote how the product helps to prevent Hereditary Angioedema attacks. The model was photographed in the studio,  the park on location, and the swelling park walkway was created in CGI. The final post to composite all of the elements was done in studio.

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