DC and Marvel Superheroes together? Mais, oui

07/13/2016- For years, companies have been competing to create better superheroes than their competition.  Competitors DC comics and Marvel comics have had control over much of the superhero market for several decades.

Illustrator John Royle used characters from both DC and Marvel comic books. He added his distinctive comic book character treatment for a DC and Marvel Comics themed reading program for Les Editions Didier.

DC comics, Marvel comics superheroes

Comic book characters by John Royal

We know the French place a high value on the arts, food and culture, but apparently they also make kick-ass American comic book heroes!

All characters are copyrights of DC Comics and Marvel Comics respectively.

Agency: Les Editions Didier

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Royle Scores with New “Superhunk” Designs for Aussiebum

Aussiebum-Comic-book-Superhunk-banner-artworkJohn Royle’s comic book illustrations are driving Aussiebum’s latest product launch. Royle has applied his distinctive character design & vibrant color work to create the “Superhunk” collection that feature buff Superheroes including: Air Force, Army Man, CEO, Fireman, & Sailor Man.

John’s designs are utilized across Aussiebum’s social media outlets, including Facebook, YouTube, and as the latest opening banner at Aussiebum.com. To quote Aussiebum’s Managing Director Sean Ashby “Great feedback and rave reviews from facebook fans…. It’s a winner :)” Click here to see more of John Royle’s work or to have contribute to your next project.

Kim Newman Experiences His Own Horror Film.


Comic Book Rendering of Kim Newman Fighting off Zombies

Comic Book Rendering of Kim Newman Fighting off Zombies

John Royle created this animated portrait of infamous fantasy and horror cinema expert Kim Newman. Newman is a critic, author and broadcaster who regularly contributes to Empire magazine, with his column ‘Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon’.

Newtasty “Battles the Breakouts” for Clearasil Facebook Campaign

To support it’s Facebook campaign for Clearasil’s Ultra and Hydra Blast acne, Iris Worldwide selected Newtasty to create a series of 9 comics. Produced under a tight production schedule, Newtasty, created a group of male and female teenagers who battled the “evil forces” of ACNE.

Creative: Marcus Liwag

Executive Producer: Belinda Costa

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