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Photographs from Jim Kemper

07/21/2016- Photography is an art, whether it be with sports, lifestyle, or conceptually.  When behind the lens, a photographer must use their abilities to capture the actions in life in just a mere moment.

Fisherman out at Sunset

Bali fisherman-Jim Kemper.jpg

Photographer Jim Kemper has been taking and perfecting his photography skills for nearly 30 years.  As a result, he has traveled all across the world, where he goes to capture and discover new possibilities for his art.

A large bulk of his photographs come from the sports world.  Kemper attends many live competitions along with in studio shoots for his photographs.  Here is an example of one of his in studio photos, with the most recent member of the Chicago Bulls Dwayne Wade while he was still on the Miami Heat.

Dwayne Wade, Basketball, Miami Heat, Photography, Sports, Lifestyle

Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat-Jim Kemper.jpg

Although it’s clear Kemper has a knack for photographs, live sporting events are a different beast.  Unlike a studio, you never know what is going to happen at a sporting event.

This is why Kemper study’s the sporting event, the contestants, and everything in between so he assures to be in the right spot at the right time.

Chuck Liddell punching Rich Franklin, UFC, Sports, Lifestyle

Chuck punching Ace-Jim Kemper.jpg

Boxer, Photography, Body Slam, Sports, Lifestyle

Boxer bodyslam-Jim Kemper.jpg

Surfing, Surfer riding wave, photography, ocean, Sports, Lifestyle

Surfer riding a wave-Jim Kemper.jpg

Along with Kemper’s ability to catch the perfect moment in sports, he can also do wonders in capturing the essence of a moment in everyday life.

Yoga, Field, Yoga in field, namaste, sports, lifestyle, photography

Vicki Yoga-Jim Kemper.jpg

Man tipping hat, Top Hat, New York City, Photography, Sports, Lifestyle

Man tipping hat-Jim Kemper.jpg


In the event that you’d like to see more of Kemper’s photography, look below, and his entire collection here: Jim Kemper’s Portfolio

Feel free to contact AAReps or Jim Kemper directly to have Jim work for you.

Contact AAReps:      Contact Jim Kemper:


Ballerina, vintage, black and white, photography, sports, lifestyle

Vintage ballerina-Jim Kemper.jpg

Hooded girl, black hood, religion, photography, sports, lifestyle

Hooded girl-Jim Kemper.jpg

Death's head hawk moth, old hand, moth on hand, photography, sports, lifestyle

Death’s head hawk moth hand-Jim Kemper.jpg

Pastry puffs, baking, photography

Pastry puffs-Jim Kemper.jpg

Croquet, Rugby guy, white outfit, photography, sports, lifestyle

rugby guy-Jim Kemper.jpg

Cartoons and Illustration by Jim Steck

07/18/2016- Cartoons are a special type of illustrations.  When thinking about cartoons, many of us think of classics such as Bugs Bunny or Looney Tunes.

Unlike the popular cartoon television shows, Jim Steck specializes in still art.  His illustrations capture a moment in time for a cartoon character.

cartoon basketball player at a picnic

Illustration of Scottie Pippen overweight after a large picnic

Whether it be a basketball game, a mad scientist, or a pizza guy, he captures a specific moment that brings their story to life.

His unique style is seen in his use of geometry, and taking simple shapes and distorting them to add his own flare.

Magician with bunny

Magician with bunny


Steck’s cartoons are so popular because of the fact that they can be appreciated by all ages.

Below are some more examples of his work, along with a link to his entire portfolio: Jim Steck’s Portfolio


pizza man cartoon with mustache

Retro cartoon of a pizza man

Music tiger

Musical tiger in a top hat

Major Poopy pants, army cartoon

Major poopy pants cartoon, part of the Army Babies

Halloween hoodlum cartoon

Halloween hoodlum brewing a nasty concoction

Studio Liddell’s “creative” Art for Jell-O Creations

Studio Liddell created a series of artwork for the launch of Jell-O’s new line of desserts, Jell-O creations.

Jell-O creations Dessert kits including oreo and princess

CGI rendering for Jell-O creations cover and cooking instruction backpanel insets

Designed by Anthem in NYC, Studio Liddell created box front backgrounds, and full panel instructional guides for the Dirt, S’Mores, Princess & Beach flavors.

The newest product created by the Jell-O team is aimed at children, and makes eating dessert more interactive than ever.

Rather than the dessert already being made, you have to go through the ingredients in the box to make your dessert.

Thanks again to the Anthem team:

AD/Designer: Diana Lee

CD: Gerard Rizzo

Acc’t Mgmt: Amy Stevens

Icons by Tim Frame

Often while you are doing your best work, it is hard to find a word that perfectly describes to consumers what you would like to facilitate. In such cases, icons are your solution. AA Reps artist Tim Frame has created several series of icons that can be used for a multitude of projects because sometimes it is better to show than to say.

More of Tim’s logo designs can be found at the following link:  Tim Frame Logos

If you have any questions regarding a particular project, please comment below or email to

Thanks for your interest!


graphic vector line icons_ballet-coffee-doorknocker.jpg graphic vector line icons_bear-beer-insectscary.jpg graphic vector line icons_controller-building-#@-superman.jpg graphic vector line icons_diamond-dosls-triangle.jpg graphic vector line icons_forkknifetapeheart-bird-sunandsnow.jpg graphic vector line icons_heartvitals-spotlight-sunandrain.jpg graphic vector line icons_mailbox-football-mic.jpg graphic vector line icons_masls-balletshoes-book.jpg

Bonnie Hofkin’s Sandwich Serenade

Bonnie Hofkin’s Sandwich Serenade!

Check out some of these amazing food photos by artist Bonnie Hofkin.

Chickpeas Baby_Spinch_Leaves Feta_Cheese Mini_Tomatoes Grilled_Chicken_Breast Red_Bell_Pepper Quizno_Mesquite Quizno_PrimeRib


One year away from perfection

How many times do you say you are going to do something and never end up going through with it? Everybody has more things that they want to do than they have time to do. Jon Rogers uses a seven page spread of pixel art illustrations and provides some quick tips on how to actually get things done, as feature in the September issue of FHM.

Powerhouse Animation Creates Yogurt Commercial

Powerhouse Animation and AnimationsFabrik teamed up to create the commercial for Ehrmann’s Monster Backe yogurt.  Check out the fun cartoon commercial here, which features a green lizard monster bearing yogurt!

Hilarious Smokey Bones Promotions








Smokey Bones, a restaurant with locations throughout the east coast, believes in “laughing often,” especially at themselves.  This is obvious from their promotional pieces (a few of which are pictured above), which were designed and created by AA Reps artist, Jon Rogers.  Rogers’ artwork reflects the easygoing, fun atmosphere that Smokey Bones incorporates in each of its 68 restaurants.

Keith Batcheller is “Tru to Moo” for Leo Burnett











In an ode to the days of daily milk delivery, where chocolate milk only contained natural ingredients, Keith created a seres of digital illustrations of 50’s garbed milkmen to highlight TruMoo’s commitment to delivering a natural blend of milk with pure cocoa and 100% natural sugar. Check out other works done by Keith here:

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