Giovannina Wins Silver 2018 CAPIC Award

Giovannina Colalillo won a Silver Medal in the Double Vision competition, hosted by The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators(CAPIC). The national competition, which was exhibited earlier this month at the Papermill Gallery in Toronto, pairs two artists from different disciplines together and challenges them to create portraits of each other. The result is a stunning comparison of photography and illustration. Take a look at the other winners here.

Giovannina Colalillo Wins Silver 2018 CAPIC Award

Giovannina Colalillo “Double Exposure” at CAPIC Double Vision Exhibition


Oil Pastel Portrait Illustration of photography Bo Huang portrait for CAPIC show Toronto.jpeg


Giovannina Colalillo’s work will be one of the featured artists at tonight’s CAPIC’s Double Vision in Toronto. Giovannina Colalillo, was paired with Photogrpaher Bo Huang, and each created a portrait in with their unique artistry. CAPIC’s Double Vision is a unique exhibition where image creators are paired up by a random draw, to create a unique and creative portrait of each other.

The Gala opening is Tuesday, March 8th, 2016, 6:30 – 9:30 pm.

Come early to vote for your favourite pair, awards announced at approx. 8:30 pm

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Show runs from March 9 to March 20 PAPERMILL ART GALLERY AND THEATRE Todmorden Mills Heritage Site

Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Friday: Noon to 4 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday: Noon to 4:30 pm

Admission to the Papermill Gallery is free.

CAPIC The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators. We represent the best in professional image creators in Canada. Through best business practices, our code of ethics, education and marketing, we help our members achieve excellence in their craft and success in the global marketplace. CAPIC is committed to protecting the rights of visual creators in Canada.s


Creative: Scott LeBlanc

Giovannina Colalillo's Portrait Contest Victory


This past week American Artists Representatives’ very own Giovannina Colalillo, along with fellow artist Barbara Spurll, was recognized for her talents at the CAPIC Double Vision 2015 Show. Double Vision is a unique exhibition where image creators are paired up by a random draw, to create a unique and creative portrait of each other.

Their art is titled Streaming — In collaboration, they shake their inverted heads revealing important aspects of themselves. These cascading elements symbolize them, as in the headset representing Giovannina’s love for talking as she draws and paints, and Alice in Wonderland representing Barbara’s love for theatre and storytelling. Linking them together is their common Chinese Zodiac sign, the dragon.

The Gala opening and competitions took place on Tuesday, Feb. 24th, 2015, 6:30 – 10 pm, at the Arta Gallery in the Toronto’s trendy Distillery District.

To view more of Giovannina’s work, check out our website!

Portrait of Barbara Spurll created by Giovannina Colalillo, Artist, Illustrator
© Giovannina Colalillo
Portrait of Giovannina Colalillo created by Barbara Spurll, Artist
© Barbara Spurll

The Wall Street Journal featuring Giovannina Colalillo

Kris Areche at the Wall Street Journal looked to Giovannina for her unique conceptual perspective to accompany an article describing the push for Medicare recipients to move to the Medicare Advantage Plan (a PPO System) from traditional fee-for-service Medicare. 

International Women’s day

Giovannina Colalillo was approached by the Ontario Federation of Labor to do a poster for International Women’s Day. This year’s theme and concept was to have women helping other women.

International Woman’s Day Poster for 2012

Employee Recognition Week at John Hopkins



Giovannina Colalillo was commissioned by John Hopkins Health System to do an illustration for their “Employee Recognition Week” poster depicting all the different areas of their work.

Mia Figlia Restaurant











Our artist, Giovannina Colalillo, recently worked with a restaurant in Chicago called Mia Figlia. In addition to redoing their logo, Giovannina redesigned their menus and t-shirts. Check out the restaurant here on Facebook, then click here to see more of Giovannina’s work.

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