5 Tips for Bose Headphone Etiquette

The Bose Global MarComm department tapped Jon Rogers’ irreverent “how to” vector illustration style for this series of Facebook headphone etiquette tips.

“Maybe you have a friend whose headphones are too loud. Or a co-worker who doesn’t seem to understand that when you’re wearing headphones you don’t want to be disturbed. That’s why we created these headphone etiquette tips.”


Headphone Etiquette Tips

Headphone Etiquette Tips

Modern-Day DaVinci

One of the artists we represent, Bonnie Hofkin, is a very multi-faceted artist. She can illustrate in many styles, but we usually need her for her more realistic, “quick-sketch” drawings, that happen to look a lot like the anatomical and technical drawings of Leonardo DaVinci. Recently, the Balvenie, a range of single malts crafted by Malt Master David Stewart, contacted us looking for someone with a style like Bonnie’s. They host an annual craft show that tours around the United States.


Bonnie Hofkin Balvenie Craft Image 2x Per pageBonnie Hofkin Balvenie Craft Image 2x Per page Bonnie’s ability to create detailed yet rudimentary drawings intrigued the Balvenie, and they ended up using her original drawings of the pieces of a bicycle and the assembly of a guitar as  the backdrop of the festival’s landing page (seen above). The craft festival itself has quite a roster of impressive artisans and unique products, from surfboards and sandals to chairs and suits. We were lucky to have Bonnie on our team for this project! She did an excellent job.

Jon Rogers "How to" Vector Diagrams for Beer Games Book

Our friends at Running Press, commissioned Jon Rogers to apply his “how to” vector diagram expertise and irreverent sense of humor for their new book The Sh*tfaced Games: A Shot at Glory and Gold for the Wasted Warrior. Author, comedian Hog Wild, Covers topics like “The Misty Hyman Butterfly Swim”, “Beer Fencing” and “Shot Put”, & Rogers illustrations provide the muscle to drive this outrageous grouping of games.  The book release date is October 22, 2013, but per order your today!

Amart Shitfaced games artwork page 49 WES-FMKF00134 - © - Westend61

What’s Hot Today – How To’s

So we get a call from a new client who is looking for “How To” illustrations for a web based exercise guide. After a couple of emails back and forth, about style, execution, timing, etc. it’s still undecided. Is it a line rendering? A vector line & color rendering? One with gradients? Then after a short chat we discover that they’re considering photography as well, confusing, not really, here’s what we sent over….

what’s hot today: 3-5-2012?


Eric CashGarth Glazier
“How to” vector line with full color fill
Jib Hunt
“How to” vector black line artwork
Jon Rogers
“How to” vector artwork with gradients
Kevin Schmitz Photo
How to” Yoga & Sports Photography


How To Play Tennis

Jon Rogers just completed this artwork for Miller Sports Group, the company responsible for Tennis Magazine and Tennis.com. Play tennis yourself? Check out Tennis.com to stay on top of your game, stay updated on match coverage, and find reviews on sports gear.

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