DC and Marvel Superheroes together? Mais, oui

07/13/2016- For years, companies have been competing to create better superheroes than their competition.  Competitors DC comics and Marvel comics have had control over much of the superhero market for several decades.

Illustrator John Royle used characters from both DC and Marvel comic books. He added his distinctive comic book character treatment for a DC and Marvel Comics themed reading program for Les Editions Didier.

DC comics, Marvel comics superheroes

Comic book characters by John Royal

We know the French place a high value on the arts, food and culture, but apparently they also make kick-ass American comic book heroes!

All characters are copyrights of DC Comics and Marvel Comics respectively.

Agency: Les Editions Didier

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Studio Blanka typographic visuals launch new Metro Market upscale urban market chain

Studio Blanka created a series of typographic illustrations to represent the amenities at this new upscale market chain, targeted at busy urbanites in Milwaukee.typographic-logo-design-illustration-The-finest-meats-veggies-and-cheeses-available-by-the-pound-or-by-the-slice typographic-logo-design-illustration-We-specialize-in-cheese-thats-hard-to-find-and-even-haarder-to-pronounce. typographic-logo-design-illustration-Please-dont-squeeze-the-produce-well-be-happy-to-squeeze-it-for-you typographic-logo-design-illustration-Not-in-the-mood-to-grocery-shop-our-bartenders-and-baristas-on-site-to-help typographic-logo-design-illustration-Milk-eggs-break-oysters-on-the-half-shell-you-know-the-necessities Studio Blanka for MetroMarket


illustrations of children’s diseases

Craig Zuckerman was commissioned to do a series of  illustrations depicting various types of children’s diseases for Nemours, a children’s health system. These  two images depict cases of chicken pox and urinary track infection.

Three Kings

Baby Jesus and the Three Kings


Mike Jaroszko did an illustration of the “Three Kings,” for a series of religious cards.

Life in the Wilderness

bear sniffing honey trap with campsite and food still life illustrations

Bill Garland did several  illustrations about life in the wilderness for Texas Monthly Magazine.

Hospital Checkout

Still life of hospital bed, lab coat and bank with stamps

Hospitable work, as Garth Glazier did a set of still life illustrations for Johns Hopkins Hospital “Guide for International Patients” brochure

illustrations of the chest, heart and lungs



graphic illustration of woman doing breast exam, insets of heart and lungs

Garth Glazier did several illustrations for Johns Hopkins Hospital special comprehensive transplant brochure

The Pirate Handbook

Thinking of a new career path?  Intrigued by a life of danger and fortune?  Perhaps you should try becoming a pirate, with the help of Pat Croce’s new book “The Pirate Handbook,” of course.  Croce teaches you everything you need to know about the pirating trade, how to survive a duel, and the pirate codes to abide by.  Alongside his tips are also illustrations created by own very own Dave Hopkins. 

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