Halo Wars 2 Teaser Poster for Beta Launch

Here’s a sneak peak at what was unveiled at Comic Con last month for Halo Wars 2.

Mike Bryan, once again nails the image for the next game in the Halo Wars saga. Halo Wars 2 is an upcoming video game developed by 343 Industries and Creative Assembly, and published by Microsoft Studios.  It is scheduled to be released on February 21st, 2017, for Microsoft Windows and the Xbox One video game console.


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Halo Wars 2 Teaser Poster for Beta Launch


The game is the sequel to the 2009 video game Halo Wars, and is set in a sci-fi universe of the Halo series.

The human crew abroad the UNSC warship game & also returns the Spirit of Fire and introduces a new alien faction know as “the banished”.

Development of Halo Wars 2 began in 2014, and the game was announced at Gamescom in 2015.

Click here to see everything you need to know about the new game: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-wars-2



Photo-Imaging at Comic Con for SYFY’s “Incorporated”

Mike Bryan put his Photo-Imaging skills to work at Comic Con for a series images to promote the new Syfy Channel show “Incorporated”.  The work included a huge graphic on the Hard Rock Hotel that included a video, and oversized promotional  interior panels for “Welcome to the Quiet Room” in the Comic Con restaurant, which offered 360º immersion and spatial audio.

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SYFY channel Incorporated Building Wrap on Hard Rock San Diego for Comicon 2016

SYFY Incorporated Welcome to the Quiet Room Cityscape Panels02

Photo-Imaging for SYFY Incorporated Welcome to the Quiet Room Cityscape Panels03

SYFY Incorporated Welcome to the Quiet Room Cityscape Panels03

Cedar Point’s Brand New Valravn Coaster

Valravn Coaster


Cramer-Krasselt hired Mike Bryan to name to create the key art of the black “Valravyn” with his crown and throne as the key art to promote the 2016 opening of the new attraction at Cedar Park, in Sandusky, OH. Bryan created two versions of the key art, with the Raven perched on his throne, and with his wings outstretched. Read more about this awesome new ride here (https://valravn.cedarpoint.com)


AD: Rebecca Wilson

CD: Pat Hanna


Producers: Karen Kirsch

Melissa Le Nicol


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Tom Clancy’s The Division by Mike Bryan

“A devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City, and one by one, basic services fail. In only days, without food or water, society collapses into chaos. The Division, a classified unit of self-supported tactical agents, is activated. Leading seemingly ordinary lives among us, The Division agents are trained to operate independently of command, as all else fails. Fighting to prevent the fall of society, the agents will find themselves caught up in an epic conspiracy, forced to combat not only the effects of a manmade virus, but also the rising threat of those behind it. When everything collapses, your mission begins.”

Tom Clancy’s The Division will not be available until 2015 only on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, so in the mean time check out some of Mike Bryan’s work!

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Mike Bryan’s Photo-Imaging Cover Art for David Gibbin’s “Pharaoh”

Digital Artist Mike Bryan made the book cover for David Gibbin’s new book, Pharaoh. Gibbins, who is a marine archaeologist by day and a bestselling novelist by night is a major history buff and loves to incorporate his line of work into the novels he writes. His new book, Pharaoh, leaves it up to a marine archaeologist (sound familiar?) to solve the history behind a strange series of suicides by a pharaoh and his army.

The Big Switch

This is another book by Harry Turtledove that Mike Bryan designed the cover for. This book is about an alternate version of history and how things would have been if these events took place .


Mike Bryan created this amazing book cover for Coup D’ETAT a story about an alternate version of history such as world war one and two. The author Harry Turtledove  shows the possibilities of  what could have happened in history with his books and makes it come alive.

Is It Christmas time already? Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving?  Mike Bryan did a promotional poster billboard for the newest Christmas movie coming out on Thanksgiving day

Rail Sea

Mike Bryan was commissioned to do the cover art for the new book of the well known science fiction author China Mieville. The story takes us to a world where the seas have dried up. The book is published by Random House


Three panel photo-imaging executions for Immortals

Mike Bryan did three concept art images for the film promotion launch of the new movie Immortals

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