Art for Everyone, from Frank Neidhardt

No matter what medium of art it is, it’s hard to find artwork that everyone will like.

Whether it is because someone doesn’t understand, or they don’t like the content, art is personal to everyone.  The beauty of Frank Neidhardt, is that he’s not confound to these parameters.  For this reason, his artwork is beloved by so many.

Ireland country landscape

Sunset on the Irish country side ©Frank Neidhardt


Guard surprised when coming face to face with an alien

Frank Neidhardt is an expert in photo-imaging, and creating art that everyone will enjoy.

His success comes from the fact that he doesn’t focus on one type of artwork.  Anything from sports to animals in nature, landscapes and portraits are up for grabs with Neidhardt.

Morning coffee and rugby

Rugby in the morning ©Frank Neidhardt

Harry Potter, golden snitch

Harry Potter emitting light from the golden snitch ©Frank Neidhardt


Regardless of if you’re an art aficionado or novice, you’re bound to find something you like from Frank Neidhart.

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The Big Switch

This is another book by Harry Turtledove that Mike Bryan designed the cover for. This book is about an alternate version of history and how things would have been if these events took place .


Mike Bryan created this amazing book cover for Coup D’ETAT a story about an alternate version of history such as world war one and two. The author Harry Turtledove  shows the possibilities of  what could have happened in history with his books and makes it come alive.

Rugby for Breakfast


Frank Neidhardt created this digital photo-illustration & cgi image for  the Wake-up with “l’Equipe”  ad campaign for the famous french sport newspaper. All had great fun doing this, Rugbyman was shot with high-speed flashes in action jumping on a huge mattress He did  this about 30 or 40 times, still smiling after every jump.
Agency: RAPP France


Cinryze commissioned Artistic Image to create this eye-catching image to promote how the product helps to prevent Hereditary Angioedema attacks. The model was photographed in the studio,  the park on location, and the swelling park walkway was created in CGI. The final post to composite all of the elements was done in studio.

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