Studio Blanka typographic visuals launch new Metro Market upscale urban market chain

Studio Blanka created a series of typographic illustrations to represent the amenities at this new upscale market chain, targeted at busy urbanites in Milwaukee.typographic-logo-design-illustration-The-finest-meats-veggies-and-cheeses-available-by-the-pound-or-by-the-slice typographic-logo-design-illustration-We-specialize-in-cheese-thats-hard-to-find-and-even-haarder-to-pronounce. typographic-logo-design-illustration-Please-dont-squeeze-the-produce-well-be-happy-to-squeeze-it-for-you typographic-logo-design-illustration-Not-in-the-mood-to-grocery-shop-our-bartenders-and-baristas-on-site-to-help typographic-logo-design-illustration-Milk-eggs-break-oysters-on-the-half-shell-you-know-the-necessities Studio Blanka for MetroMarket


Today’s Featured Artist: Jerry LoFaro

Friskies Combined

The Friskies Create & Taste Kitchen games feature incredible work done by Jerry. To play or take a better look visit:

©Jerry LoFaro

jerry lofaro animals and nature-cow with heart markings in field jerry lofaro animals and nature-aflac duck

©Jerry LoFaro

©Jerry LoFaro

©Jerry LoFaro Illustration

2d animated dummy renderings by Jerry LoFaro

jerry lofaro landscapes-JL_Mahalo island beach at sunsetProd Chocolate Caramel.jpg
The above illustrations are by artist Jerry LoFaro. Jerry has been creating award winning art for over 25 years. Jerry’s promotional illustrations have been used by companies such as Purina, Claritin, Cottonelle (yes, with the adorable puppy), Reed’s Energy Elixir, Crystal Dairy, Henniker Brewing Co.; he has also provided beautiful work for Celestial Seasonings completing over 50 product designs.

Educational and Promotional Items for Police, EMS, and Fire Department

F/C illustration depicting the work of the police with the community in order to make parents and their children aware about safety tips.

Garth Glazier created this illustration for Positive Promotions Magazine.

To see the entire magazine entitled “Community Safety”click here.

Is It Christmas time already? Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving?  Mike Bryan did a promotional poster billboard for the newest Christmas movie coming out on Thanksgiving day

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