At Home With Color Guard Railing Systems

 Color Guard Railing Systems:

  • Designs to fit the style of your environment
  • Easy installation that homeowners and contractors appreciate
  • All straight and stair rails are aluminum reinforced
  • Concelaed stainless steel fasteners
  • Completely tested and code approved
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

No product needs less maintenance than vinyl railing. Color Guard porch and deck railing systems are quick and easy to install, even if you are aren’t a pro. A simple process, ezTECH Installation ensures that your railing is secure and durable, while meeting stringent international building codes. A wide range of accessories allows for a complete customized installation.  With a freshly painted look year after year, Color Guard leaves you with more free time to enjoy! Railing is so much more than decoration. Take comfort in knowing they have perfected this product with your family’s safety in mind!

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Fires Can Happen Before You Call 9-1-1

F/C illustration depicting a fire due to having hazardous products stored inside a factory environment to emphasize safety in the working place.

Tony Randazzo created this rendering for The Marlin Company‘s safety poster.

Educational and Promotional Items for Police, EMS, and Fire Department

F/C illustration depicting the work of the police with the community in order to make parents and their children aware about safety tips.

Garth Glazier created this illustration for Positive Promotions Magazine.

To see the entire magazine entitled “Community Safety”click here.

Driving slowly enough for conditions

Tony Randazzo was commissioned to do an illustration for a new safety poster called “Driving slowly enough for conditions”, depicting a delivery van sliding on wet leaves strewn along pavement in a surburban neighborhood, while children are crossing the road, for the Marlin Company


Tony Randazzo was commissioned to do two paintings for a safety poster, “circumstances can change in a split second”, depicting a delivery truck backing up to a parking space when suddenly a women pushing a carriage with twins is coming off the curb, right into it’s path, realizing in horror that the truck driver has not seen her. The poster art was done for The Marlin company.


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