Virtual Reality Anywhere from Studio Liddell…

a Portable VR Solution for iOS & Android

Portable VR with iOS & Android

Portable VR for iOS and Android Applications

Looking to create a Virtual Reality (VR) that can be easily transported to a consumer or trade show event? Are your direct field sales reps looking for a new tool to raise the bar for their sales presentations?

Our VR-PIE (Virtual Reality Portable Immersive Experiences) is the perfect solution for you. VR is not just a technology for the entertainment world. Virtual reality systems are already having a much wider impact across multiple industries in particular, medical, educational, training, science, health and safety.

Would you like to simulate an automotive driving experience? Perhaps you would like to create a pharmaceutical MOD (mechanism of disease) that simulates the symptoms (loss of vision, hearing, etc.) of an MS sufferer? Whatever the VR visual experience you are looking to achieve the VR team at Studio Liddell has successfully implemented multiple wireless VR-PIE for clients in the US and Europe. Using the latest smart iOS and Android phone technologies, we can deliver a fully portable high quality immersive VR experience anywhere- without bulky wires or a powerful desktop computer. Want to see more? Contact us for a demonstration.

Trying to Stay Cool this Summer?

With Studio Liddell & Artistic Image

07/25/2016 – Has your biggest issue this summer been trying to stay cool? Aside from the obvious of swimming and air conditioning, the easiest way to escape the heat is through drinks.

Stay cool, Summer, Liquid, Drinks, Water, Loka, Water Bottle

CGI Liquid Splash-Loka water bottle splashing into water.jpg

CGI, Stay cool, Captain Morgan, White Rum, Spice Rum, Rum, Liquid, Drinks, Summer Drinks, Beach Drinks

CGI Rendering Captain Morgan White and Spice Rum Bottles with Drink on Beach with Crashing Waves

The two images above, along with the rest that are shown below, are all courtesy of Artistic Image & Studio Liddell.

Both do exceptional work in the field of CGI.  Creating computerized images that are so life like, you feel as if they were taken by a camera.

As a result of such an intense heat wave sweeping the nation, both Artistic Image & Studio Liddell remind you to stay cool, stay hydrated, and grab a cold one.  It’s equally important to always drink responsibly, and most importantly, enjoy the summer the right way.


Regardless of if you’re a beer drinker, liquor, soda or water, Artistic Image & Studio Liddell have it all for you.


See the rest of their “cool” creations below, and make sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr for more unseen art.


Stay Cool, Coca Cola, Cola, Coke, Cold Coke, Soda, Summer, Summer Drinks

CGI Froasted Coke Bottle in Frosted Window. ©Studio Liddell

Stay cool, Coors, Coors light, Beer, Cold Beer, Summer drinks

CGI Coors Light Bullet Train. ©Artistic Image

Stay Cool, Vitamin Water, Water, Flavored Water, Cool Water, Summer Drinks

CGI Product Still Life_Vitamin water bottles. ©Studio Liddell

Stay Cool, Baileys, ice cube, ice cub wave, CGI, Summer Drinks

Studio Liddell_Liquids_Baileys ice cube wave. ©Studio Liddell

Stay cool, Soleo, Cold drinks, alcohol, liquor, artistic image, summer drinks

Cold refreshing Soleo. ©Artistic Image

Studio Liddell’s “creative” Art for Jell-O Creations

Studio Liddell created a series of artwork for the launch of Jell-O’s new line of desserts, Jell-O creations.

Jell-O creations Dessert kits including oreo and princess

CGI rendering for Jell-O creations cover and cooking instruction backpanel insets

Designed by Anthem in NYC, Studio Liddell created box front backgrounds, and full panel instructional guides for the Dirt, S’Mores, Princess & Beach flavors.

The newest product created by the Jell-O team is aimed at children, and makes eating dessert more interactive than ever.

Rather than the dessert already being made, you have to go through the ingredients in the box to make your dessert.

Thanks again to the Anthem team:

AD/Designer: Diana Lee

CD: Gerard Rizzo

Acc’t Mgmt: Amy Stevens

Studio Liddell: CGI Character Development and Advertising

The following images were produced by AAReps artist Studio Liddell. Studio Liddell is a creative design studio that specializes in 3D animation, character design, motion graphics, game design and more. Below you will find  miscellaneous CGI character development, as well as images used for the advertising of BUPA international healthcare program and BMW.


Take a look at more work by Studio Liddell here:

©Studio Liddell

©Studio Liddell

©Studio Liddell

©Studio Liddell

BUPA_PhoneBox BUPA_Phone BUPA_Office BUPA_Lowry BUPA, Barney, characters, design, CGI, GIF, advertising, studio, studio Liddell, pictures, photog, web design Studio Liddell_squirrel Studio Liddell_car driving in tunnel Studio Liddell_bug with maginfying glass Studio Liddell_BMW

Studio Liddell Is Today’s Spotlight

Studio Liddell_Still Life_Vitamin water bottles.jpg



Studio Liddell_Still Life_Assorted smirnoff.jpg


Studio Liddell is a global creative production studio. The talented artists of Studio Liddell seek to create accurate representations for their brands. The above images done by the studio are vibrant and meticulously done, as you will find all of their work is. Comment with any questions. Happy Studio Liddell feature Friday!

Studio Liddell Fruits

Realistic fruits don’t just grow on trees!  Take a look at this amazing food illustrations by Studio Liddell!

Pear, Tangerine, and Strawberries


Strawberries and tangerines make the perfect pair.

Plums and BlueberriesOranges with other fruitsPomegranate and Blueberries

Check out some more of Studio Liddell’s work on our website

Liquids with Studio Liddell

What better way to start off your morning then with a big glass of orange juice. Studio Liddell creates the perfect looking glass of OJ to get anyone in the mood to jump start their morning.

Orange Juice


Check out some of Studio Liddell’s other work on our website.

New Savannah Reid Mystery Novel











From author G.A. McKevett comes the new novel in the Savannah Reid Mysteries series.  Studio Liddell created the artwork for A Decadent Way to Die (pictured right), as well as the previous novel in the series Wicked Craving (pictured left).  The novel, published by Kensington Publishing Corp, follows Detective Savannah Reid as she delves into the mystery of who has attempted to kill 80-year-old celebrity Helene Strauss.

© Copyright AA Reps - Designed by Pexeto