House Design Interior and Exterior by Tony Randazzo

The design of a house is the essence of everything home related.  When designing and creating a house, first comes the blueprint, and then the drawing or illustration.


Design of two story house

Two story dallas house.jpg

Illustrator Tony Randazzo created a series of illustrations with various designs to houses.  His drawings include townhouses, ranch style houses, one and two story designs all in various geographic areas.


Some of the designs showcase the exterior of the houses, while others show both concurrently.


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Check out the rest of Randazzo’s house illustrations below, and his entire portfolio here: Tony Randazzo’s Portfolio


Large house with interior view of rooms.jpg

Large house with interior view of rooms.jpg

symmetrical house with two car garage.jpg

symmetrical house with two car garage.jpg

Townhouse exterior_interior.jpg

Townhouse exterior_interior.jpg

Triangular roof suburban house rendering.jpg

Triangular roof suburban house rendering.jpg

Two door garage suburban house.jpg

Two door garage suburban house.jpg

House design

Two story suburban house.jpg

Illustration from Featured Artist: Tony Randazzo

Talented artists cross our path every day at American Artists Reps, and today we are focusing on one.  Today’s featured artist is Tony Randazzo.  Randazzo has made his mark with his amazing illustration ability of everything from architecture, to automobiles, science and medicine, toys and much more.


All day we will be featuring some of his artwork on Twitter and Instagram.


To see his entire portfolio, check out his page here: Tony Randazzo Portfolio 


Here’s a sneak peak of some of the types of artwork you can expect to see.


illustration, tony randazzo, rooftop, paintbrush

Illustration of a beautiful rooftop view with paintbrush in the foreground. By, Tony Randazzo

Digital creation of a Chevy truck. By, Tony Randazzo

Digital creation of a Chevy truck. By, Tony Randazzo

Tony Randazzo Architectural Cutaway for National Gypsum

Tony Randazzo created this cutaway and exterior building renderings to highlight National Gypsum’s wide array of fiberglass faced and paper faced industrial gypsum drywall products.

Using National Gypsum’s patented purple coloring, Randazzo created interior and exterior wall cutaway applications for National Gypsum’s full product line:

Interior Extreme® (abrasion resistant for high traffic areas, exp® Shaftliner (durable shaftliner), exp® Tile Backer exp® (high level of water resistance), exp® Sheathing, (superior exterior finishes), PermaBase® Cement Board, ProForm® & Ready Mix­­­ with Dust-Tech® (mold protection).




Randazzo illustrates Entertainment System for exceptional sound

Here is a black and white illustration done by Tony Randazzo. This sketch depicts an upscale Home Entertainment Center using the latest technology available from UK company Cornflake. The Infographic/technical design of the drawing showcases the best way your music, movies, and TV shows can give you a “spine-tingling sound” and “jaw-dropping pictures”.

See how a power plant works

F/C illustration depicting a power plant. Tony Randazzo‘s illustration shows how the different components of the power plant work together. Randazzo created this for General Electric.

Amazing Iron Man and Spiderman car designs

Hey comic lovers, how cool are these color illustrations of cars based on the characters Iron Man and Spiderman. There was also a little bit of inspiration from the movie Tron. These designs were created by Tony Randazzo for Tech 4 Kids, a company that markets and manufactures children’s toys. It would be amazing to see these cars on the streets some day!

See more of Tony Randazzo’s work here

Fires Can Happen Before You Call 9-1-1

F/C illustration depicting a fire due to having hazardous products stored inside a factory environment to emphasize safety in the working place.

Tony Randazzo created this rendering for The Marlin Company‘s safety poster.

Deep Life

F/C illustration depicting a cutaway device (CORK), cutting through the different layers of the Earth below the ocean floor looking for life. This illustration was a feature for the “Deep Life” issue that appeared on the February 11, 2012 issue.

To view more of Tony Randazzo’s work click here.

Driving slowly enough for conditions

Tony Randazzo was commissioned to do an illustration for a new safety poster called “Driving slowly enough for conditions”, depicting a delivery van sliding on wet leaves strewn along pavement in a surburban neighborhood, while children are crossing the road, for the Marlin Company


Tony Randazzo was commissioned to do two paintings for a safety poster, “circumstances can change in a split second”, depicting a delivery truck backing up to a parking space when suddenly a women pushing a carriage with twins is coming off the curb, right into it’s path, realizing in horror that the truck driver has not seen her. The poster art was done for The Marlin company.


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